Bow Wow Talks “After Happily Ever After,” Last Album & No Longer Tarnishing His Legacy

Bow Wow is helping a few people find love!

Photo courtesy of BET

Bow Wow returns with a new job as he is the new host of BET’s “After Happily Ever After.”

The show is a one-of-a-kind dating series that asks the question – Can your ex help you find new love? 

The BET original features couples in long-term relationships that ended in divorce or separation, and their exes will play matchmaker for their former partners in hopes of helping them let go, move on, and find love once again.

On each episode, Bow Wow will throw a singles party with a new group of potential prospects and daters. The ex-spouses attend the parties to see if they can find good candidates for their former partners. The prospects even get to move into the house for 48 hours to date the former spouses, but are thrown back into the singles pool if they are deemed to not be a good match.

Viewers will get a chance to see if old feelings resurface between the exes and if any of the cast members find love.

With an all-star cast including Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, Jeremy Meeks, Shar Jackson and more, the show surely will not disappoint!

AllHipHop’s Rea Davis caught up with Bow Wow to discuss “After Happily Ever After,” getting his credit, his Top 5 DOA and more! 

AllHipHop: In your own words, what can we expect from “After Happily Ever After?”

Bow Wow: The real question is, or the answer to that question is what is there not to expect. It’s crazy. It’s up and down. I mean it’s a rollercoaster full of emotions. I mean you’re going to expect couples to leave happy. Some couples might leave alone. Some couples might leave angry. You have a lot of mixed emotions. You are probably going to laugh. You are probably going to be angry. I mean we are taking you all around. It’s a show of its own kind. It’s never been done before where a dating experience where your ex is picking for you. You are placed in a house with you ex and you might not have seen your ex in years. Some of them have kids, some of them are there because of divorce, and you have to build that trust to know that your ex is going to find the right person. Does your ex want to see you happy. Each week I throw these single parties where I’m like inviting 50 guests to the house. The exes come out and pick for the date or so; I mean it’s a wild experience. It’s all over the place. It’s very toxic of course you know anytime you mix ex couples in a house together for 30 days and they haven’t been around each other, you know what’s going to happen. Just be ready. It’s going to be crazy.

AllHipHop: When you heard the concept of the exes helping their exes find new love, what was your reaction to that?

Bow Wow: I was like I’m ready. This is me. Nobody else can host this show but me. This is dope. I’m a little toxic myself. You know we all like to dabble in a little toxic vibes every now and then. For me it was just dope. Not only that but, the show was fly itself, but it was also the people behind things that don’t get enough credit. A couple of the producers. Angela is one of our producers. I work with her on “Growing Up Hip-Hop,” so just people’s familiar faces and people I’ve worked with for years in the TV world, and it came around full circle, then you add BET to the mix. BET gave me my first hosting gig. They believed in me; they trusted me with no hosting experience. They just gave me the mic and told me to have fun with 106 & Park. To have it come full circle and come back around and now host this new show with “After Happily Ever After,” it’s a beautiful situation; it’s the perfect marriage. 

AllHipHop: So you have some equally wild people on the show: Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, Jeremy Meeks and Shar Jackson. Do any of them find love?

Bow Wow: You gotta wait and see.

AllHipHop: How is your love life currently?

Bow Wow: My love life is easy because I’m single. I’m chilling. Relationships aren’t really my thing because there are so many women that I’ve met along my journey, 15 years plus, that I have friendships with. They are still down, and they still get on me every now and then like “when you gonna settle down and when you gonna….why you keep doing this to me.” I’m like we not together. We’ve been bonding for so long; I understand but I’m just cursed. I got this thing about me it’s either when I’m a good boy I’m still in the wrong. When I’m a bad boy, I’m still in the wrong, so for me, it’s safe for me to just be single. I love being single, less stress. I’m not big on rules. You can’t put rules on me. I make my own money. I got my own businesses. It’s hard. I don’t want to come off bossy, but usually I’m the one writing down the instructions. It’s hard to tell me what to do when I’m the creator of everything and I’m running my own show. So to tell me I can’t speak to this girl or tell me….to go in my phone or all that. I don’t play them type of games like. You do that to me, I’m out. I’m not even going to put myself in those situations. So, it’s best that I’m single, and it’s too many women in my life that I’m so cool with that if I’d got a girlfriend it would p### them off, and I’m in a tricky spot. It’s best to throw the single flag up for me. 

AllHipHop: If your sex life was a movie, what would be the title? 

Bow Wow: Fire & Long

AllHipHop: Who are your Top 5 favorite rappers dead or alive?

Bow Wow: Snoop, Pac, LL Cool J, Special Ed and…. five…I don’t have five.

AllHipHop: I was really happy to see you receive your flowers during the Verzuz. Do you feel like you get your credit as a young legend?

Bow Wow: Yep. Now I do. I do now after um, when I was introduced to Clubhouse. They did this give flowers room to me, and my boy was like you need to get on Clubhouse they want to give you your roses today. I was like wtf is Clubhouse. I don’t know what that is, and I got on there one day, and 21 Savage was in there. All of these artists start coming to the room giving me all my flowers and then once that happened then we started trending on Twitter. Then everyone was bringing up all of the good stuff I ever did. It was like yo it’s time for us to start putting respect on Bow’s name. I think ever since that day I took everything serious. For the past 4 years I kind of stayed in the media for doing a lot of bullsh*t and clown sh*t. A lot of things were self-inflicted on my legacy. I had to step back and understand. A lot of the things were self inflicted. Snoop was like, “You are leaving coffee stains on your table cloth. You can get a little dirty, but you can’t get it too dirty.” When he spoke to me about that, I kind of took that into consideration. Once I started taking it serious and understood who I am, the Millennium Tour started popping out of nowhere. Now I’m on my second run of the Millennium Tour currently right now packing out arenas from city to city. It’s crazy, you know what I mean. So when you step back and analyze yourself and self check yourself, what that can do for you. I’ve been seeing nothing but positivity now. It’s crazy and it’s long overdue but now is the time, so I can’t wait.

AllHipHop: You’ve had longevity in this game, so who do feel are some of the ones killing it right now? Who are you listening to that you feel is putting out some solid music?

Bow Wow: I’m not listening to nobody to be real with you. If it comes on it comes on. I know us being on tour right now like the homies got like a tour mix, so they play it on the big speaker in the dressing room. When it comes on it’s on. I’m familiar with what’s popping. Trust me, I know what’s popping. I be in the streets in the club. I’m everywhere. I’m in the strip club I’m everywhere, but everything to me just sounds the same. I’m really not moved. I respect more of the hustle. I mean I’m sure if you ask this question, everyone is going to say the same rappers, so I don’t really have to name nobody. To me everything just sounds the same.

AllHipHop: What else is next for Bow?

Bow Wow: Currently on tour. Millennium Tour turned up. Everyone go get their tickets. We going out crazy right now. We got the whole industry on tour with us right now. Aside from that, “After Happily Ever After. The new show on BET airing on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday. Just wrapped up a new movie that Jamie Foxx produced, so I’m excited about that. Australia top of the year on tour. Then the documentary coming with my last album I’m putting out. That’s going to be a project for me and Snoop. A lot of work and hopefully Season 2 of this.