Brooklyn Stand Up: 5 Things That Would’ve Made Biggie Proud


Sixteen years ago we lost one of the most influential and talented rappers, Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G.

B.I.G. put Brooklyn on a national stage. His unique style and hometown pride left a mark that can still be heard on radio stations around the world. Since his passing a lot has changed. Here are some thing we think would make Biggie proud to be from the county of Kings.

The Birth of the Brooklyn Nets


Although Big would’ve had a difficult time identifying half the NBA teams these days,  he’d relate to the Brooklyn Nets. The new team and is in walking distance from his childhood home in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill section. In their first year,  The Nets are playoff bound holding their own against fellow New York rivals, The Knicks.
Jay-Z’s Dominance


While we talking about balling…so hard..we’ve got to mention the current King of Brooklyn, Jay-Z. About 3 years after Biggie’s passing, Jay claimed that Biggie would’ve been proud of him, on the classic “Squeeze First” cut. Thirteen years later, that line couldn’t be more evident. Jigga’s retired, came back, topped the chart solo, joined forced with his Chicago son Kanye, poured his own liquor in Grammy Awards, sits court side at his team’s game with his successful wife.

Yet, Jay-Z still finds time to big up his Borough, and the late great that hailed from there.

His Children

Biggies Kid
Christopher Wallace’s daughter, T’yanna, made her debut in her father’s first music video. His son and namesake, Christopher Wallace Jr., was an infant when his father dies but made his acting debut playing him in Notorious. T’yanna recently got a 2nd tattoo paying homage to her father. Before you start questioning this move, you got to understand that she’s a grown woman now. She’s not the same “One More Chance” voice telling thirsty hoes to stop calling her pops. She’s currently studying business at Penn State, and handling her own. CJ has been calling Hollywood home were his career as a young actor is budding.

Sean Combs aka P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy


Diddy is still Bad Boy for life.  He has a the hit maker in French Montana building quite the buzz on the roster. Machine Gun Kelly debuted #4 on the charts in 2013.  When it comes to business, Diddy is still one of the best to do it. He got his Ciroc for the club, and Aquahydrate for the hang over. Not only that, but he has plans on bringing  Hip-Hop back to the TV with his new cable network Revolt.

New York’s New Young Rappers


Being a New York artist,  requires the artist to be dope lyrically, and blessed with a crazy flow.  In 2012, Joey Bada$$ met the criteria and left us nostalgic with his acclaimed 1999 mixtape. Bada$$ is a breath of fresh air in NY, and there were even rumors of him joining Roc Nation. With him, A$AP Rock has had the city only look for the past few months. His Album debuted #1 on the boards, even with the album being leaked a full month of its release date. Now, Biggie may not have co-signed a few fashion choices from Rocky but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind NY getting its props.

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