Chinese Kitty Explains Her Transition Toward Rap Stardom

Chinese Kitty

Chinese Kitty is a lot of things – influencer, model, reality star – but she wants you to add “rapper” to her list of talents.

Chinese Kitty, the stunning multi-talent, has cultivated a massive online following with millions of fans across social media, where she shines as an Instagram model, rapper, and influential figure. She achieved massive fame through “Love and Hip Hop Miami,” but the BK resident has since bid farewell to reality television to dedicate herself to her music career. She recently dropped two sensational singles, “Boy Oh Boy” and “This Boy Ain’t Mine” that has gotten people familar – again. In an engaging conversation, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Chinese Kitty delve into her music journey, her personal life, why she deserves to be in Hip-Hop and much more.

AllHipHop: We are here with none other than one of the rising stars in Hip-Hop, Chinese Kitty. What up?

Chinese Kitty: Meow, What’s up? I like that. I like the rising star. That was cool. I never heard nobody say that. That was cool.

AllHipHop: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, you are a star. You’re established, But in Hip-Hop,-

Chinese Kitty: No, I like the rising. It feels like the grind. I really like that.

AllHipHop: Yeah. Yeah. All right, so let’s get into the music. You’ve been on a little bit of a run right now, like a run, a little singles run. So your newest song is a remake of a old classic by Cam’ron. Talk about it.

Chinese Kitty: “Boy Oh Boy.” I kind of was going through this little phase where it’s like I went through a time where I didn’t sample no music, literally none. And then I was like, you know what? I feel like a lot of artists… And people don’t realize this, even before my age, Biggie and Jay-Z and all them were sampling music too. So when people say that now it’s like, “Oh my god, all these samples,” it’s like y’all wasn’t saying it then. It’s crazy cause I feel like it just automatically clicks to people and when you hear it just makes you feel good automatically. And that song, growing up my mom used to play all the time, so when someone sent me the beat, I’m like, “I’m recording to that” and nobody can tell me nothing. So I heard the beat and I was like, no, I got to get this some type of wordplay instead of it being, “Oh Boy,” I put “Boy Oh Boy.” And the song I had before was “Boy Ain’t Mine,” so I kind of had the same topic, but two different vibes.

AllHipHop: And I like how y’all did it. I mean, on the official side, I see Cam’ron in writer’s credits and stuff like that, all the paperwork was done official. I was like, well, okay, sometimes we try to get away with things in Hip-Hop.

Chinese Kitty: Yeah, no, they wasn’t letting us get away with that record.

AllHipHop: And Cam is about his money. Damn you should have been around back in the day, because they never had a female in Dipset.

Chinese Kitty: I know. That’d been hard.

AllHipHop: Right. So I see this theme here, between “Boy Ain’t Mine” and “Boy Oh Boy.” You kind of hard on the fellas.

Chinese Kitty: Oh my God, why do I gotta keep saying this. No, it’s not that, because I have other records that’s completely not even about that. But in that moment I was going through something, a little breakup, and I made both of those records in the same literally timeframe. My emotions was going there. Everything I kind of was just wanting to talk about it was already just… Heartbreak and ni##as not being sh#t. But it doesn’t mean that all ni##as is not sh#t, because I got good feeling records too. But I don’t know those two, it made sense for how I felt at the moment.

AllHipHop: Got you. When you get in the studio, what’s your creative process?

Chinese Kitty: I really feel like it depends on my mood. Because sometimes if it’s like I just had an amazing week and it’s like I just been hanging out with my homegirls, we’ve been partying, I want to talk about fun, going to the club and sh#t. But if I’m [sad like] I was in that moment, I was going through a terrible breakup and it’s like how can I even write or talk about anything that is fun or anything when I feel like this? So it just goes off of if my producer play a beat or somebody will send me a beat pack, then I feel like I just want to talk about what I’m feeling at the moment.

AllHipHop: Got you. This is the year or years of the women in hip hop, really powerful voices, sounds, all of the above. And it just seemed to happen almost like all at once. Where do you fit in? If you fit in.

Chinese Kitty: Definitely. I definitely feel like the whole wave of from Cardi to what’s going on now, it just gave a lot of girls room to… It doesn’t have to be just one female. And I feel like everybody has their own lane. Everybody has their own fan base. With guys, you could have a Playboy Carti and then you could have a…Finesse2tymes. Those are completely two different people, but everybody has their own fan base. And I feel like for women, it just had to be one thing for a very long time. I feel like now you have every different type of girl for everything because it’s multiple people in the world. So I feel like I fit in with my own crowd.

AllHipHop: One criticism, I’ll say criticism, one criticism they’ve had is that, yeah, it’s one type of female prototype.

Chinese Kitty: I have a lot to say with that because I feel like guys also talk about all of the same things. You talk about killing people, p#### and drugs. But I feel like with females, it’s like when we talk about, well, I’m not sleeping with a guy unless he do this and a third then oh God, everybody talking about the same thing. But that’s what I’m talking about, when it comes to us, it’s like we always are put on this pedestal that we have to do this and a third and be better than everybody. But that is also why too, that narrative is the reason why I made these records because I did not want people to keep thinking that this is all I had in me. So that’s why I felt like, okay, nobody in the industry is really talking about breakups and this and a third, let me do it.

AllHipHop: Well, when you’re downtime, what is that like for you?

Chinese Kitty: Well, I’m a mother, so a lot of my downtime is just with my son – period. Because the days that I’m working, I feel like I don’t have enough time to be with my child and I have to just be mommy first. And if I’m not doing that, which I’m always doing, then I like to just hang out with my friends and be with my man if I had one, but yeah.

AllHipHop: So you’re single, we’re not going to get all into your personal…

Chinese Kitty: Yeah, I’m dating, I’m dating.

AllHipHop: What kind of guy do you like? Because most guys I would imagine are intimidated. Is that true?

Chinese Kitty: Yes. Even when I get in a relationship with a guy, they still feel intimidated. But I like a boss, I just like a guy that knows what he wants in life and he’s just not insecure and he has crazy confidence.nYou could be in any field, any job, as long as you’re confident in yourself as a man, that’s attractive to me because I feel like that pours out of you.

AllHipHop: Yeah, yeah. Now what about a regular guy, what if he works with sanitation or something, would you date somebody like that?

Chinese Kitty: Oh God. You see how you’re always trying to get me to say something?

AllHipHop: No, you said a boss, but what if he owns it? What if he owns the sanitation…

Chinese Kitty: If he owns it, then…Hi.

AllHipHop: See, I let you off easy with that one. It’s all good.

Chinese Kitty: You know what I’ve just seen, I seen that a guy that Halle Berry was married to is now getting child support from her.

AllHipHop: Oh, he’s getting dumb money too.

Chinese Kitty: So she probably looked at it like, oh well, I’m just going to date a normal guy because he’s not like everybody else. And now look. Now look, I don’t want that.

AllHipHop: Okay, I got you. I feel you. I feel you on that. Definitely. So back to the music, do you have another project coming out?

Chinese Kitty: I do want to drop a project, but I haven’t really put it together yet. Right now I just feel like I’ve been holding back on so many singles that I’ve had even “Boy Aint Mine.” I recorded that last year and dropped it this year. “Boy Oh Boy” I recorded that a couple months ago and it’s like I don’t want to keep holding on to some music. So right now I just feel like I’m just dropping singles and I feel like the tape will come very soon real, real soon.