Conversations With 50 Cent: The Finale, Rick Ross, Floyd Mayweather and Social Change


“Some people follow the blueprint of success better than other people,” 50 Cent says after being asked about a recent press conference with Rick Ross. No big shots were thrown but, 50 made it clear that he’s a pioneer, Hip-Hop’s attention span be damned. The end of the day is not yet here, but at the end of the day 50 Cent has impacted Hip-Hop, culture, music and business in a way that few will ever do. He revolutionized the way mixtapes were received, embraced the internet early and made money at rate that dwarfs his contemporaries. True story.

But what about actual lives? Since he forcibly came in the game, a good part his M.O. was tearing rappers up, whether they are former associates like Young Buck and The Game or adversaries like Ja Rule, Rick Ross and Cam’ron. These days, surprisingly, 50 Cent is looking beyond music and the seeking a higher level of impact. “Nothing [I achieve legacy-wise] is going to be done based on a song. When you achieve enough success, you do a little bit of soul searching. And you’ll start to figure out what’s really important to you. Most people will come up with happiness…after enough thinking.” Social change is on 50 Cent’s mind and he’s spreading this gospel to friends like boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

Also, DJ Drama – who also listened intently – explains how he’s expanding his monumental brand though outlets like and navigating in and out of ever-present Hip-Hop beefs. We’ve got another conversation on deck with Drama, for fans of the Philly King.

A must-hear, must read interview until the very end.

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