Currency Calls ‘New Jet City’ a Free Advertisement and Speak on Supreme Court Denying C-Murder


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These days, Curren$y is reluctant to delve into the past, but fans in Miami know. Fans line up outside of the local shop, The Archives, to check out the rapper that has a long history in Hip-Hop.

The New Orleans-bred artist was down with C-Murder’s flagship label Tru Records and a member of No Limit’s 504 Boyz. Its not the reason he’s in Miami, but he’s recollecting a bit.

He took a moment to tell his thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling that denied C-Murder’s appeal.

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“It’s the worst news possible for family and people who want to see the homie free. What’s understood doesn’t need to be said…you saw it happen , I don’t know what to say about it , its a bad deal , so I don’t really like to talk about it ” Curren$y told “It was a good learning experience being around No Limit and Tru Records to see a lot of branding , for you to see Tru Records now for as long as C-Murder been locked up that means that label was a brand  that’s what I want to do with Jet Life”

When AllHipHop caught him, the New Orleans spitter was prepping for a show to support his recent mixtape release called  New Jet City.  Oddly, Curren$y almost got lost en route to The Archives, but managed not to disappoint his people.

Curren$y maintains New Jet City has been getting a positive reception from those that have heard it.

“Just from seeing the Tweets…some people saying they slept on me for a few years an there just catching wind of it ,” he told exclusively. “after downloading it they found out about a gang of mixtapes I put out through the years some people even went to iTunes an picked up Stone Immaculate realizing they slept on that. New Jet City is a commercial for Jet Life , a free advertisement.”

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