Damson Idris Talks Working with the Legendary John Singleton & Top 5 DOA

John Singleton left quite an impact on Damson Idris.

Photo credit: FX

Damson Idris has certainly been keeping us entertained as he’s starred as Franklin Saint on Snowfall. We’ve even seen his character truly turn into a man right before our eyes.

Idris recently revealed that as Snowfall nears its final season, the show will certainly keep viewers locked in on the edge of their seats. He also shared that some redemption could be on the horizon as Franklin Saint is now fully aware of who he is.

Considering that Idris got his role as Franklin after John Singleton took him around South Central, and made him stay in the character of the role, it was only right to speak with Damson about John’s impact on him.

AllHipHop’s Rea Davis caught up with Damson Idris during the 53rd NAACP Image Awards to discuss working with the legendary John Singleton as well as his Top 5 favorite rappers dead or alive. The prestigious award show aired on BET.

AllHipHop: What was it like working with the legendary John Singleton, and who are your Top 5 favorite rappers dead or alive?

Damson Idris: Wow you put me right on the spot. Um working with John Singleton was an absolute blessing. He taught me everyone you meet on the way up, you’re going to meet on the way down, so remain humble. Keep your foot on the ground, um and I just learned so much from him you know. Going forward, I’m definitely going to implement all the codes that he taught me and try to pass it on. 

Uhhh for the last question, I’m going to say, dead or alive wow, Tupac, Biggie, Hov, Kendrick…Man, so many people are going to call me and cuss me out….and uh, I’m just going to give you four (laughs).