Exclusive: Dave East Talks Spitting Real Bars, Ghostwriting & Getting Robbed By A Chick On The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards Green Carpet


The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards pulled out many of Hip Hop’s heavyweights and rising stars as it took place at its new home, The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta Georgia.

New Def Jam signee, Dave East hit the Sprite green carpet eager to discuss his new project ‘Kairi Chanel’, and his bars in this year’s cypher with AllHipHop.com.

“Bars and pain. I’m from Harlem. It’s going to be a lot of just me. If you familiar with me at all or what I talk about or the sound I got, it’s that but a little harder for the awards, said East.”

Dave revealed that he is done with the free mixtapes, so he chose to drop ‘Kairi Chanel’ on iTunes.

While discussing the new mixtape, he explained that the project was named after his daughter (who he’s previously credited with being the person to change his life).

Dave also recently dropped a video called “Keisha” that chronicles a woman robbing him!

The Harlem rapper has taken a different stance on ghostwriting and this generation being knowledgeable about the rap legends that preceded them.

As far as the ghostwriting subject, Dave stated that he’s learned that Hip Hop is a money game with no true rules.

“I mean I don’t knock it. You know what I learned with Hip Hop. It’s a money game. Everybody getting money. It ain’t really about the culture…ain’t no rules. Nobody following no guidelines. Nobody will never write nothing for me. I write all my own lines. I understand why people have ghostwriters, it’s probably making their music better. Ain’t no guidelines or no rules, so it is what it is,” Dave told AllHipHop.com

When asked about some of his peers not knowing about legendary rappers, he replied saying,

“I feel like it depends on the type of music you make. Like with me I spit and I’m from New York so I had to do my homework on Nas, and Jay Z, and Biggie. Like I grew up on that. But I feel like you can get rich without it. You don’t have to know that….. I don’t feel like it’s needed.”

Congrats again on the Def Jam deal Dave!

The BET Hip Hop Awards air tonight at 8P/7C on BET!

Video by Robert Baul