Diamond: No More Steady Crime Mobbin’

When you hear the name Crime Mob, the moniker is almost always associated to hood drama. What happened to a once promising group lacks a clear story. Ex-member Diamond has evolved from a teeny bopper chick in stilettos to a full grown woman with her own thoughts, opinions and life experiences. These experiences include her […]

When you hear the name Crime Mob, the moniker is almost always associated to hood drama. What happened to a once promising group lacks a clear story. Ex-member Diamond has evolved from a teeny bopper chick in stilettos to a full grown woman with her own thoughts, opinions and life experiences. These experiences include her time with Crime Mob. She has recently released a mix tape titled “*P.M.S*. (Pardon My Swag),“ inked a solo deal with Warner Brothers and is ready to prove that she has much more to offer than the fad of crunk music and drama. AllHipHop.com: How are you feeling Diamond? Diamond: I’m good. I’m ready. Drinking my Cristal. AllHipHop.com:That’s cool. How did you initially become involved in rap? Diamond: My sister was rapping. She was 15 and I was 10. She was in a rap group. I used to write poems. I tried to do it as well but decided to focus on my poetry. The group eventually broke up and they decided to focus on their childhood. Time went on. I grew up and about a year or so later I met the group. AllHipHop.com: How old are you? Diamond: I’m 21. AllHipHop.com: What is happening in your life where you feel that this is the time to drop a solo project? Diamond: Everyone in the group has dropped solo mix tapes. As far as doing a solo album, we weren’t seeing eye to eye on business and partnerships so we all decided to part ways. Warner Brothers signed me solo and now my album is about to drop in September. AllHipHop.com:What was the reason you broke up? Diamond: To make a long story short, we were already having problems. Princess and I were supposed to be doing an album but we weren’t seeing eye to eye. I was nominated for an award by myself at the Dirty Awards in Atlanta and I wanted to walk by myself. The group gave me an ultimatum and said if they can’t walk with me then I can’t be in the group. I’m like for real? Ya’ll don’t even run the group. We all signed the piece of paper. They started doing their own thing and doing shows without me and I just focused on myself. AllHipHop.com: Why did you decide to name your mix tape *P.M.S*? What is the acronym? Diamond:  I feel like every woman can relate to it. Only a lady can speak for the ladies. Going through PMS, you go through a lot of changes in life. When you first start, it could be age 12 to 50. It is about different transitions. Whether I am in the club having fun, I also talk about the group more and what happen with that. I knew that it would catch a lot of attention. It stands for Pardon My Swag. AllHipHop.com: I also want to touch on the you tube footage of you and Princess having what looks to be a verbal cat fight at Souljah Boy’s Birthday party. Was that some left over baggage? Diamond: I call it a joke, sarcastic, but not cool type of situation. It was like I’m not going to hit you and I know you aren’t going to hit me but what’s been up with you? Back and forth. I see that a lot of s### didn’t go the way that you expected it to go. So this is what you look like and this is what you doing? There was a point where she was doing shows and stuff and talking stuff. I don’t even want to give this too much energy but I am answering it just to let everyone know that I don’t have a problem answering anything. I’m not scared of any questions. It is what it is. AllHipHop.com: Do you still talk to any of the other members of Crime Mob? Diamond: I seen Psycho Black at the gas station and we spoke to each other. That’s the only person I have seen or spoke with. AllHipHop.com: Alright, back to the music. Your single “Super Bad” is with Cee-Lo. How did you link up with him? Diamond: My A&R is cool with Cee-lo and his manager. My project came and they were like we have just the record for you. So we knocked it out and that was it. AllHipHop.com:What was it like working with him? Diamond: He is really talented. I only got a chance to work with him once. He was really quiet and focused. AllHipHop.com:Where did your A.K.A. Ms 32 Flavaz derive? Diamond: I was thinking of all kinds of things to paint a picture to be tasteful. Whether it was strawberry ice cream, cotton candy.The 31 flavors stuck out to me. So I was like if I can just add me on then that would be 32 flavors. I want to be favorable all over. I want to be peach candy all over. I want to be every flavor you could dream of. I’m the 32nd flavor of the 31 flavors. AllHipHop.com: Some younger girls might consider you a role model. Do you consider that when you are writing your lyrics? Diamond: Funny that you ask me that. I have a song called role model. I have a situation back in 2007 where I got into some trouble with the law and there was a lot of speculation and people talking about stuff that they really thought I gave a f*ck about. They didn’t even know what was going on with me. I’m a leader but I’m not a role model. A role model has to be perfect. I am a leader because I try to teach girls that have 3 or 4 kids that whatever you want to do then do it. You have the opportunity to see my life with a microscope and to see my faults. I can’t see that with you. So, you can’t look at me as a role model and criticize me. I’m not perfect. I am a good leader though because I have my head on my shoulders and going in the right direction and I want to do something for myself… I am doing something for myself and I am paving the way. AllHipHop.com: I have listened to your mix tape and noticed that your content does not focus on sex like many other female MC’s of today. Is there a reason for that? Diamond: Because I feel like I don’t have to sell myself on that level, I want to show my fans that sex does not always have to be the motive to be successful and I know my young female fans listen to what I have to say and I strive to be a role model and for my male fans I want to present a natural sex appeal without over exposing myself. AllHipHop.com: When can we expect another video from your mix tape? The “Sicknan” video is out. The song is hot. Diamond: I’m shooting another one in July. The song is called “New Chief“. I plan on dropping several new mix tapes over the next 6 ms with different people. I have been so into recording. I have to get my face back out there and mingle with the people. AllHipHop.com:AllHipHop.com: When is the album scheduled to be released? Diamond: The album is schedule to be released in December. I have Keri Hilson, Scrappy, Lloyd, B.O.B. There is probably about 8 features. AllHipHop.com: What is the title of the album? Diamond: I know it but I can’t say it. AllHipHop.com:You mentioned Lil Scrappy, so…. When is the wedding? Diamond: (laughs) I’m going to let people think what they think. I’m not even saying we are engaged or we aren’t. I just like the publicity. I didn’t come up with it. People come up with stories because we are so low-key. AllHipHop.com:Can you confirm for your fans whether you are together or not? Diamond: I am dating him. AllHipHop.com: AllHipHop.com: That is your man? Diamond: Most definitely. AllHipHop.com: You know how some people are like “oh we are just friends”. Diamond: I don’t have a problem with saying it but when people try to make the whole interview about it that’s when I have a problem. People no longer care about you as an artist just your personal life. AllHipHop.com: For the fellas, let’s say Scrappy wasn’t around. What are the qualities you like in a man? Diamond:I love aggressive outgoing man. Who have a lot of swag. He knows how to get money. Who knows how to hustle. Who fears God. Respects morals. He has to be descent. I don’t have a light skinned or dark skinned preference. AllHipHop.com: What other projects are you working on? Diamond: Diamond and Rasheeda are dropping a mix tape called *Crème De’ La’ Crème*. Scrap and I are in the studio working on a mix tape called *Mr. and Mrs. Smith*. I am shooting two videos for the *Crème De’* *La Crème *and two videos for *Mr. and Mrs. Smith* as well. Lastly I don’t want people to feel like they have to choose between Crime Mob and Diamond. It is all the same person. It is all still love. I have done a movie but I can’t say the name. It is set to come out in October.