Profiles In Battle Rap: Dizaster


(AllHipHop Features) It was revealed this week that battle rap veteran Dizaster is set to meet Philadelphia emcee Cassidy in a face-off later this year.

With the news of the latest professional recording artist versus professional battle rapper set, it was appropriate to have the battler taking part in that potential monumental event as the third feature in’s “Profiles In Battle Rap.”

Diz has made quite a name for himself in the culture. Besides his million plus viewed matches against DNA, Arsonal, and Loonie, the West Coast native has also made headlines for being one of the initial contestants in the Total Slaughter tournament, his Twitter beef with Lupe Fiasco, and the KOTD-banning fight with Math Hoffa. But it is the infamous 2012 “notepad” battle against acclaimed lyricist Canibus that garnered him widespread exposure.

As Dizaster prepares for what could be the biggest battle of his career, Hip Hop fans can find out which past match-ups are some of his favorites. Diz also shares his battle rap Mount Rushmore, his personal favorite emcee of all time, and what other top Hip Hop star he wants to see face-to-face in the ring.

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Los Angeles, California

Years Experience


Style Known For (ie aggression, wordplay, punchlines, freestyle)

I’m known for everything.


Krack City


I don’t have a slogan. Slogans are for f*ggots.

Leagues Competed In

Grind Time, King of the Dot, Smack/URL, Don’t Flop, Basementality, Ozone, Sunugan, Got Beef?, Punchout



Favorite Battle (Participant)

Me vs. Canibus 

Favorite Battle (Non-Participant)

Illmaculate vs. Bender

One Of Your All Time Hottest Line

When I battled the guy that steals lines. His name is Arcane – “That’s why they call u a welder, Arc/That gotta be your job for real/Cause you hide behind a mask/And the only real reason you got a spark is cause of the bars you steal.”

Your Battle Rap Mount Rushmore

Me, Hollow Da Don, The Saurus, Illmaculate

One Mainstream Rapper You’d Like To Battle:

Kanye West

Name One Battler You Think Could Possibly Beat You On Their Absolute A-Game:

There’s absolutely nobody that can beat me when I’m on my A-game.

Artists You’ve Worked With Musically

I haven’t work with many artists musically outside of battle rap, but I’m heavily connected to all artists outside of battle rap. I do have a track with Crooked I. It’s me, Crooked I, and Horseshoe Gang.

Your Battle Rap Hit List

I’d like to go against Cassidy or Mook.

Top 5 Emcees DOA

Eminem would be number one. I’d throw Big Pun in there. I’d have throw Nas in there. I want to throw in Big L and Crooked I.

Do You Prefer To Participate In A Debatable Battle Or A Clear Victory?

A debatable battle. It creates more talk, longevity for the battle’s life. It’s more of a classic. Everybody wins. I hate hurting people’s feelings, because I’ve done it for too long.

Where Do You See Battle Rap Going In The Future?

Surpassing the industry. I see it getting bigger, becoming like boxing with getting pay-per-view fights,  and becoming a huge part of Hip Hop.

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