DJ Green Lantern: Air Out

This summer’s Anger Management 3 tour was set to feature many guests [Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil’ Jon, G-Unit, Ludacris] including DJ Green Lantern, one of Hip-Hop’s favorite spin-doctors. That suddenly isn’t the case anymore. As a result of a misunderstanding, some Linda Trippin,’ and some damage control, Green Lantern announced his departure from Shady Records, […]

This summer’s Anger Management 3 tour was set to feature many guests [Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil’ Jon, G-Unit, Ludacris] including DJ Green Lantern, one of Hip-Hop’s favorite spin-doctors. That suddenly isn’t the case anymore.

As a result of a misunderstanding, some Linda Trippin,’ and some damage control, Green Lantern announced his departure from Shady Records, the Shade 45 radio show, and the highly anticipated tour. This move puts the DJ in a place where many new fans might not remember him – on his own.

Green Lantern told what really happened and why the rumors can’t be trusted. The DJ modestly reminds us why he’s not going anywhere and neither is his long awaited album. There is a lot of speculation and rumor about you and your split from Shady Record and what happened on a DVD. Can you explain your position and what you want to get across?

DJ Green Lantern: Basically, the situation is… I have left Shady Records due to a situation that may cause some tension between Eminem and 50 Cent. So, I removed myself from that situation before any tension could occur between Em and 50. It was like before [Eminem] could even make a decision about it, I was like I’m out and it was mutual. It was that crazy.

Basically, in a nutshell, I was being recorded without my knowledge speaking with Jadakiss on his music going at 50 Cent. And, in that sense, it was wrong and inappropriate for me to comment at all with Jada on his beef with 50 Cent, but absolutely no inside information was given regarding anything that 50 Cent may have been doing. No inside information was given as to what 50 Cent was gonna do to Jadakiss in the future. That’s a charge that’s being put out there, but that’s a rumor. And that’s leading people to say – and I use the word “snitch” – that’s a very strong accusation and that’s the only reason I am talking right now. I wouldn’t even talk about this, but in my world that’s the heaviest charge you can put on someone. And, I invite anybody and everybody to go see that DVD and judge for yourself. Even though I don’t want to blow nobody’s damn DVD up and get the mother f***er that put it out any more money… It’s called On The Come Up Volume 5.

And it’s f**ked up, ‘cause I’m speaking to Jadakiss about his song [reply to 50 Cent], his music, going at 50. I take full responsibility for that, but there is a part that people are missing. Somebody has misinterpreted [the situation] and twisted it into a more sensational story than it actually is. In that aspect, there is a part where I say “You know they’re gonna bring that young boy out [referring to other members of G-Unit].” That’s street talk, sidewalk talk, barbershop banter. That ain’t not insider information, because I don’t have any insider information.

A certain amount of people look at me like I’m Green Lantern from the Shady/Aftermath crew, and there are a certain amount of people that look at me like I’m my own individual. That individual f***s with – or used to f**k with- Jadakiss a whole lot. It ain’t really nothing for me to be talking to him on the phone. But that particular day, it was the day after I won all these awards at the [Justo] Mixtape Awards. I had swept the awards like I never did before [a total of four awards] to where I won Best Mixtape DJ of the year. Moreover, I was calling him to tell him that we won the Mixtape of the Year for the mixtape that we did together. And this just so happened to be the day after he released his response record to the 50 s**t. I’m giving him – even though I shouldn’t have – giving him my critique on his song. And in a polite manner, I’m telling him, “Yo, B, step it up. That wasn’t it,” but my words were “that’s a jab, where is the knock-out?” I was telling him to step his game up. To the casual listener, it seems like I want somebody to knock 50 Cent out. I don’t got no ill feelings towards 50 Cent, because I don’t even know him. He does him and that’s it. I’m glad for his success and all that, wish him luck in the future and all that good s**t. It looks like I am on Jada’s side, but no logical person can say that there’s inside information being given. Can you explain the actual conditions where you were being taped, because most people don’t really understand that.

DJ Green Lantern: Basically, it’s a situation where Jadakiss is on a DVD and he’s being filmed. And he has me on speaker phone without me knowing I was being filmed. So, he is talking to me like we’re just talking. Meanwhile he’s filming it. He knew he was being taped?

DJ Green Lantern: He most definitely knew he was being taped. He chose his words on how he was going to say things and all that. He definitely got that one off. And, you know, it’s an unfortunate situation and it looks really crazy. Like I said, I have no ill feelings towards 50 Cent or G-Unit. The bottom line is, I’ll man-up to the fact that it was inappropriate me to even speak at all to Jadakiss about 50 Cent business at all. Above and beyond, no inside information was given about anything. I don’t even have an inside information. People can take it however they want. Have you been approached by anybody on the so-called “snitching” and that’s why you are coming forward?

DJ Green Lantern: Nobody has approached me on it, but of course people are going to get it twisted. But in all actuality, that’s not the reason why I’m not there. Is your relationship with Eminem intact, like is this damage control with you stepping away?

DJ Green Lantern: It is. I’m manning-up to the fact that I put myself in a messed up position. And people are looking at it like we got weak links in the crew or whatever. Without sounding like I’m sh***ing on anybody, everybody that knows my work, knows it was Jadakiss on that one. I know you’re reaching out to Jadakiss and haven’t been able to speak to him. Do you think he is making himself unavailable to you?

DJ Green Lantern: I can’t front, he did…he was unavailable. That leads me to the conclusion that he [laughs]…there’s only a few words for that. When you do something and won’t even…won’t man-up…won’t even address it. There’s only a couple words for that. I’m a cool cat so, I’m not going to sit here and talk crazy. I already did enough of that. A lot of people were awaiting your debut album on Shady. Can you speak on the status of that?

DJ Green Lantern: The bottom line is the album isn’t coming out through Shady Records. I’m no longer touring with Eminem. It’s a clean break. The [Sirius Satellite radio channel] Shade 45 is done. The album is called The Invasion. That’s my movement. I need everything in my movement to work within itself-all the gears to work for the same engine. And artists from Shady will still be included?

DJ Green Lantern: Yeah, that’s where it stands right now. Unless somebody gets really tight with me even speaking about it. The whole Shady/ Aftermath roster is on it except G-Unit. And, I don’t have any ill feelings towards any of those guys. I totally understand their position. [If I was them], I would say the same thing, “Cut the grass, get the snakes out.” I was stupid to even think that this dude [Jadakiss] was my boy like that to where I could have a conversation with him without him dumbing out and more or less wearing a wire. What about a new home for the album? Are you working that out now?

DJ Green Lantern: I’m definitely working that out. That’s really a situation where I’m going to be alright. Is there interest from other labels?

DJ Green Lantern: Not to sound big-headed, but [the interest] is very high. Not to seem like I am cashing in on this, because it’s disappointing to not release it on Shady Records, but the interest is there. I happen to be an individual that produces records as well as DJ. I’m going to keep it light with that. I just want to put my point across that I appreciate Eminem for working with me for the last three years and for introducing me to a whole audience of people that didn’t know me. You never heard directly from 50?

DJ Green Lantern: No. I heard from somebody somewhat familiar with that situation that Banks got a good laugh out of it.

DJ Green Lantern: Because, he probably sees it for what it is. He’s probably laughing at me like “This guy’s going to go down for this.” But he probably not like [angry], because it’s not like we talk like that. Banks found it funny – that should tell you…it is what it is. There’s all this beef, but you have a heater [“Bin Laden”] with Immortal Technique that’s doing well. Let’s speak on what you really do.

DJ Green Lantern: Basically, I made the “Bin Laden” song. I made the beat and the hook from a Mos Def freestyle and Jadakiss’ part from “Why.” I figured out, without hearing Immortal Technique, that he was the one for this. It sounds crazy to say that, but I was just searching for someone to do that song justice. I had heard about him. I called him to see what’s good, to see if he wanted to f**k with it. So, we put it out and it became a nice organic street hit. It kinda took over that underground scene to the point where we just did a remix to it. I produced that as well. Tech went out and got KRS-One and Chuck D on the hook. They put their own flavor to it. It’s like they are standing behind him, passing the torch to him. Other than that, that’s just one side of the production game. I also have my own artist, .38 Special, and it’s all apart of The Invasion. What other work is in progress?

DJ Green Lantern: I’m doing beats for a lot of people right now. I got beats on Busta’s album, Nore’s album, this one that on. I just did a remix for Rick James. It’s called for “Mary Jane” for this Motown remix project. My album is 80% produced by me and I got a couple up and coming cats on there. It’s about me. If you are familiar with Ludacris’ “Number One Spot,” Akon’s “Ghetto” joint with Biggie and ‘Pac, if you a fan of [Jadakiss’] “The Champ Is Here,” all that. I made all those beats. I’m gonna be alright. Sometimes when something bad happens, I’ve found that sometime good can come out of it. Do you feel that could be the case with you?

DJ Green Lantern: That’s like…yeah, but at the same time, I really just want to stay humble and not look like I’m trying to eat off this and flip this. It’s not how you wanted it to go down…

DJ Green Lantern: No, it’s not how I wanted it to go down. It’s definitely a f***ked up situation. There is a lot interest in me right now, but that’s not to sound like “It’s all good, I don’t need y’all anyway.” That’s not the case at all. It’s a disappointing situation to say the least. Anybody that knows me knows that I ain’t no snake-like cat. I f**k with the people that I f**ked with and this is somebody [Jadakiss] that I f**ked with and he did me dirty. That’s what it is. I’m going to walk through this fire and I’m good.