Dr. Boyce Watkins Defends Ice Cube And Tells Why Donald Trump Is A Viable Option For Black Liberation

Boyce Watkins

Ice Cube back is got by one Boyce Watkins, who explains his friends reasoning and why The Dems are to blame for it all.

Segments of the world continue to debate about Ice Cube, the rapper/actor that has become an unforeseen force in the election landscape. Cube, known worldwide as a rebellious intellect in Hip-Hop, met with members of Donalds J. Trump’s administration after feeling he was brushed aside by Team Joe Biden. And just like that, the barbershop talks and debates carry on feverishly over social media and, at times, mainstream outlets. It almost feels like a civil war inside of a civil war.

While the world feels completely chaotic and out of order,  Dr. Boyce Watkins is extremely clear on his views and his allegiances. Watkins is a long-time professor, economist, political analyst, and commentator and he’s riding with Ice Cube. Like Cube, he’s got a bone to pick with the Democratic Party, who he feels has taken Black people for granted far too long. And both men feel that the liberation of Black people is contingent on working with whoever is in power and, right now, Donald Trump is absolutely in power. Their views have caused a multitude of conversations, disagreements, and affirmations.

Boyce Watkins and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur host a Q&A conversation and the outspoken former professor talks about Biden and Trump, as well as all the exculpatory evidence he feels exonerates Ice Cube from his detractors.