Drea Dominique Transitions From “Bad Girls Club” Member To Buzzing Multifaceted Artist

Drea Dominique

“Bad Girls Club” alum Drea Dominique talks about “Bad Girls Club,” working with Safaree, her debut project “Toy Box,” her lashes and makeup line and more!

Drea Dominique is a whole vibe, and she’s here to spread that positive energy and love to the music industry and beyond. Most notably known for her role on Bad Girls Club Season 9, the rising star is a jack of all trades, from being a reality television star and modeling to starting her business and creating her own original music.

In describing herself, Drea states, “I’m bringing my music out. Most of you guys probably know me from Bad Girls Club, but now instead of fighting I’m knocking down the mic and I’m dropping music.”

Originally hailing from Long Island, New York, but now rising in sunny San Diego, Drea is excited as ever to have released her newest single and visual for “I Know You Want It,” tapping Safaree. The Caribbean-influenced record serves as the perfect soundtrack for the end of summer and beginning of fall, a certified banger that will have you instantly moving on the dance floor.

“I Know You Want It” sees Drea reminding audiences around the world of the importance of self-love and time, particularly how a man needs to put in the work to get the baddie he sees in front of him. Directed by Marcus Pualk (Moesha), the music video displays both the Puerto Rican Jamaican flag, for Drea and Safaree’s heritage respectfully.

Drea Dominque

AllHipHop: How long have you been in Hawaii?

Drea Dominique: First of all, let me show you my view. We are outside for real! I’ve been here for 4 days, I leave on Friday. It’s beautiful, I’d live here if I didn’t have to share a child. [laughs] I’m on vacation mode. I’m shooting some content, but I’m on vacation mode.

AllHipHop: How was your time on Bad Girls Club?

Drea Dominique: Toxic! [laughs] Super toxic, very very toxic. It was a good time, but you know what you’re signing up for when you’re going on Bad Girls Club. It is what it is. Recently, I’ve been presented with the offer to do Bad Girls Boxing, which we were doing when our season was airing. I’m going to be jumping in the ring with some bad girls coming up real soon.

AllHipHop: Actual boxing?

Drea Dominique: Actual boxing in the ring. I did it before and after my first boxing match, I got into a car accident. Broke my nose, it ended my boxing career. It’s all good, life struggles are a part of life. It’s been a while. Since then, it’s now coming back around. We’re looking at some networks so I might be back in the ring with some of these bad girls very shortly.

AllHipHop: What’s the concept behind Bad Girls Boxing?

Drea Dominique: Pretty much the drama of it all. They want to get “oh this one doesn’t like this one, let’s get them in the ring.” That’s what they’re doing. We’re going to see who I stir up with next but it’s coming.

AllHipHop: You’re from Long Island originally right?

Drea Dominique: I’m very bicoastal. I was born in Long Island, I’m from New York. Since 6, I’ve been back and forth between Cali and New York. I’m both sides, I got the beach girl and I’m rolling in the snow girl as well. [laughs]

AllHipHop: Who were you listening to?

Drea Dominique: This is the thing, I like older stuff. I’m listening to The Lox, Mobb Deep, Fabolous, 50 Cent. I like the girls too but I like the throwback stuff. The new stuff is ratchet, I’m a romantic at heart. I love the love songs. Aaliyah’s my all-time favorite, she’s an icon. I like East Coast, I like West Coast. I like Bay Area, some Mac Dre.

AllHipHop: “I Know You Want It” featuring Safaree, how are you feeling?

Drea Dominique: I’m super excited, it’s a blessing. The song’s doing pretty well, I’m excited about that. I performed “I Know You Want It” at Black Pride in Atlanta. I performed another song called “Toy Box,” then a new song that’s my single called “Blocked.” We’re dropping the video, all that. It’s my first time performing, doing my own solo thing. Every time I’ve performed in the past, it’s been singing hooks for other people. This time, it’s all about me. I get to be the star of the show, just ready for my next adventure.

AllHipHop: How did you and Safaree come together on the record?

Drea Dominique: Travis Kr8ts, we have mutual producers pretty much. We did the song, my producer said “we need to get somebody on the song.” He listed some people and said “I have Safaree.” I said “it’s Safaree then!” And here we are. Networking made that happen and it was a success.

AllHipHop: What was the energy in creating the song? I love the Caribbean vibe.

Drea Dominique: I’m Puerto Rican and black, and he’s Jamaican. We really played it off with that, embracing the island parts of us. The whole vibe was our whole Caribbean thing, so that’s what we did. I embraced my Puerto Rican, seen my girls wearing the Puerto Rican clothing with the symbols and everything. We had the Jamaican flag waving, we just embraced our heritage.

AllHipHop: Best memory from the video shoot?

Drea Dominique: Honestly, the whole process. Super dope, the video went smooth. There were hiccups there but just people being late or whatever. Other than that, everything went great. Good vibes. Safaree’s super chill, hella funny. His sense of humor is off the charts. Everything was real great, it went smooth. I’m happy with the outcome, it went good.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

Drea Dominique: Good lighting, a bottle of Veuve, and a vibe. I like champagne so I like to sip champagne and get into that vibe, then we can create. I like to light the candles, then we can vibe out.

AllHipHop: What’s one thing you want people to take away from your debut project, Toy Box?

Drea Dominique: It’s an introduction so they can get a feel for me, see that I’m trying to do this. My next project is going to be more in tune with my personal life, because everything else is for the crowd and to appeal to the people.

I have another song I’m about to drop after this called “Beautiful Disaster.” It expresses my most recent relationship, how he’s an a###### and he should stop lying to me and leave me peaceful. You’re getting more of a feel of what I’m going through, as opposed to something you can bop to.

AllHipHop: Does he know it’s about him?

Drea Dominique: No, we’re not talking! [laughs] I named it “Beautiful Disaster” for a reason.

AllHipHop: I heard you’re making music in Spanish too?

Drea Dominique: Oh yeah, I have a Spanish song coming out called “Rompe.” It’s bilingual Spanish and English. I have a Spanish song I’m going to drop, another little R&B joint I’m going to drop. The next single is “Blocked.” Long story short, please don’t make me block you. I ain’t trippin’, I ain’t reminiscing, but don’t make me block you. [laughs] We swear we love him so much, but the whole time I’m not even thinking about you. So fall back before I gotta block you. You can’t even watch me, now you gotta go on a fake page to see me.

AllHipHop: Talk about being an entrepreneur with your own lashes and makeup line.

Drea Dominique: DreaDominique.com. I have a lash line, I have 5 different styles of lashes. I have a lip line, 5 styles of lipstick. I have merchandise, t-shirts, hoodies and there’s more to come. I’m very into candles, sage, all that. I want to create candles that have crystals in them with a positive message in each one. That’ll be my next thing that I add to my line. There’s more to come, this is just the beginning.

AllHipHop: Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

Drea Dominique: Yes! I’m a mom so I’m trying to create that generational wealth, something my daughter can carry on after I’m done. I want to build a brand. Ultimately, I want to perform. I want to get my music out there, I want to inspire. This world is so negative. “Hate this about yourself, you need to be like this to be poppin’.” No, I want to get a different message across. You’re good right where you’re at, how you are and that’s it. It is what it is. That’s definitely what I’m going to deliver to the girls.

I know I have a lot of young fans, they see me on Bad Girls Club so it’s a lot of the young girls. They see the drama, they think “oh those aren’t red bottoms, you ain’t poppin’.” No. Whether you own your house or not, you were poppin’. Whether you’re single or wifed up, you’re poppin’. I want to inspire girls to feel good in their own skin honestly no matter what it looks like, that’s what I’m on. I want to get my message across and relate to people, down-to-earth type s###.