E.D.I.: Life Of An Outlaw

E.D.I., so named for his physical semblance to former Ugandan President Idi Amin, may be an outlaw by moniker, but he’s a hustler by nature. The Co-CEO of One Nation Music Inc., along with his Outlaw partners, Young Noble and Kastro, has managed to triumph over tragedy and advance through adversity to become a major […]

E.D.I., so named

for his physical semblance to former Ugandan President Idi Amin, may be an outlaw

by moniker, but he’s a hustler by nature. The Co-CEO of One Nation Music Inc.,

along with his Outlaw partners, Young Noble and Kastro, has managed to triumph

over tragedy and advance through adversity to become a major figga in the independent

rap game, powerful and savvy enough to turn down numerous major label offers

that would have stripped him of his independent hustle in favor of the one major

(can’t spoil the surprise) that will finally bring the Outlawz to their well-deserved

place on the world stage while allowing them to stay on their indie grind.

Currently wrapping

up his work for the soundtrack to this fall’s Tupac: Resurrection feature film

documentary, a compilation album entitled Outlawz: Reloaded, as well as work

for the major label debut from the Outlawz due next year, E.D.I. agreed to revisit

the night that forever changed his life, offer some shocking insight into the

murders of both his mentor, 2Pac, and his outlaw comrade, Kadafi, and shine

a light on the darkness of a purposefully sabotaged police investigation.


Who do you believe murdered Tupac Shakur?

E.D.I.: I don’t

think it was one person, I think several people had something to do with it,

several persons had something to do with it. I can’t point the finger at one

individual person, I just feel it was more of a conspiracy type of thing, and

you know conspiracies involve more than one person.

Allhiphop: Is there

any particular theory out there that you align yourself to?

E.D.I.: No.

Allhiphop: Where

were you in that caravan of cars that night on the strip?

E.D.I.: I was in

the car behind Tupac.

Allhiphop: Where

in the vehicle were you?

E.D.I.: I was in

the back seat, passenger side.

Allhiphop: What

did you see?

E.D.I.: I just

seen a white Cadillac roll up and start shooting.

Allhiphop: This

has been reported different ways; did you happen to see if someone got out of

that Cadillac?

E.D.I.: No, nobody

got out of the Cadillac.

Allhiphop: And

were you able to make out any type of description of the person who actually

did the shooting?

E.D.I.: No.

Allhiphop: Did

you happen to see how many people were actually in the shooter’s car?

E.D.I.: I thought

it was only three individuals, I’ve heard there was four, I heard there was

only two, I thought I saw three.

Allhiphop: Did

the Las Vegas Metro Police interview you after the shooting?

E.D.I.: No, they

didn’t interview me that evening; they more or less sequestered us. They were

more or less thinking that we had something to do with the shooting.

Allhiphop: Were

you actually placed into custody, were you put in handcuffs?

E.D.I.: For a short

period of time, then they took the handcuffs off of us and we just sat on the


Allhiphop: Did

they order you to sit there?

E.D.I.: Yes.

Allhiphop: How

long did all of this take place before they actually let you go?

E.D.I.: It was

about two, three hours, maybe even longer than that.

Allhiphop: So they

put you on the sidewalk, and then they take you to the station to interview

you or they interview you there on the spot?

E.D.I.: No, they

just asked the questions, "what did we see," "did we see the

vehicle," "did we see the shooters," and that was pretty much

it, they just had us sitting there. And then they started getting into a whole

bunch of other questions that didn’t even have anything to do with the shooting,

like, "what gang are you from," "who got guns on ’em," "who

got weed on ’em."

Allhiphop: So they

had automatically assumed this was gang related?

E.D.I.: Yes, especially

when they saw we had tattoos. When they saw our tattoos, they were like, "what

Outlaw gang is in L.A., is it a Crip gang or a Blood gang?"

Allhiphop: How

would you categorize the overall treatment that you received from the police?

E.D.I.: I’ll put

it to you like this, anybody that’s been to Vegas know how Metro get down. Metro

is basically the same as LAPD, probably even a little bit worse. When ‘Pac and

Suge spun out we all ran up to the vehicle and the police immediately approached

us with shotguns to our face and said, "don’t step an inch further."

Allhiphop: Did

the police ever follow-up with you after that night?

E.D.I.: No.

Allhiphop: They

never called you up and asked you to come down to the station or anything like


E.D.I.: No, not

at all.

Allhiphop: Were

you ever shown any kind of photo lineup to identify anyone you may have seen

in that car?

E.D.I.: No.

Allhiphop: What

are your personal feelings overall about the police investigation?

E.D.I.: I don’t

wanna weird people out, but I really think they are under direct orders from

some agency, somebody, someone not to really investigate this any further. It’s

Las Vegas, nothing that big can happen on the strip without a whole lot of people

being involved. I feel like it would behoove them not to pursue this anymore.

Allhiphop: I interviewed

Cathy Scott and she has spoken to cops who were close to the case and they said

they didn’t pursue it because it was bad for tourism.

E.D.I.: Right,

there it is, money! There it is right there. And if it ever got out to the general

public that something like this can happen in Las Vegas on the strip tourism

goes down. And that goes all the way up to the origins of Las Vegas, the people

that started Las Vegas, and even higher than that.

Allhiphop: Do you

believe Suge Knight had anything to do with Tupac’s murder?

E.D.I.: I don’t

really have an opinion on that, my opinion is time will tell, and that’s where

I’ll leave that at.

Allhiphop: Do you

believe Biggie had anything to do with Tupac’s murder?

E.D.I.: Same as

in Suge’s case, time will tell. I feel that there was more than one person who

had something to do with this, or was involved with this, or can have responsibility

placed on them.

Allhiphop: So basically

in your mind nobody can be completely ruled out.

E.D.I.: Exactly.

Allhiphop: This

next question ties into the events that transpired after Tupac passed. The Outlawz

have long maintained that Kadafi was murdered accidentally by Napoleon’s cousin,

however some people, such as Cathy Scott, believe this claim is false. Do you

still maintain today that Kadafi’s murder was an accident? And before you even

answer that, you know the theory, he was the only eyewitness who was going to

testify and people think he was murdered to prevent him from testifying.

E.D.I.: I’ll say

this off top, there’s no way in the world Kadafi would have testified in any

criminal case against anyone, unless he was forced, unless he was subpoenaed

and had to facing jail time, and even then I don’t know if he would. Because

we play by a bunch of different codes that just don’t allow us to do that. So

there’s no way in the world Kadafi was gonna testify, so that’ll answer the

next question. His murder was in no way related to ‘Pac’s. What happened to

Kadafi was something that happened in Jersey, it was some street sh*t that happened

in Jersey, at the time it went down I thought it was an accident, as time goes

on I don’t really know whether it was an accident or not. But I can say this

much, it had nothing to do with Tupac’s murder. I know that for a fact.

Allhiphop: Thank

you for that answer, that clarifies a lot right there. Well, my final question,

I think you may have just indirectly answered, but would you testify in court

to anything that you’ve told me here today?

E.D.I.: No. And

I told Vegas PD that also. We can’t do their job for them. That’s the one thing

Suge said that was right, they got a job to do.

Allhiphop: You

know it’s interesting; when I interviewed the District Attorney, and I asked

him if he’s ever prosecuted murder cases where you don’t have eyewitnesses to

the crime and you don’t have witnesses who’ll get up in court and testify, and

he basically said all the time, and they win them all of the time.

E.D.I.: Of course

they do! They’ll convict somebody on murder charges with nothing.

Allhiphop: Cathy Scott was telling me how she believes the guy they convicted

in Bill Cosby’s son’s murder didn’t even do it. They just put him in jail to

hurry up and solve it ’cause it was Bill Cosby’s son.

E.D.I.: Unbelievable.

And Bill Cosby has the money to lock that up, and to make sure that somebody

gets prosecuted.