Entrepreneur Bun Bydaway Explains How He Beat The Prison System To Launch A Successful Career

Bun Bydaway explains how he managed to avoid being a statistic and transformed himself into a respected businessman.

Bun Bydaway hails from Wilmington, Delaware, an underserved and underestimated community, once dubbed “Murdertown.”

Like other black men all over the country, Bun found himself at the mercy of our criminal justice system early on in life. A system that was created to recycle criminals for oppression and profit, versus rehabilitating them and assisting them in finding opportunities for reformation.

Bun served his time and paid his dues for his misguided decisions as an adolescent.

However, after his release, he was on probation for a total of 11 years with the system waiting for him to trip up and violate.

Probation has recently come under fire as many feel the system will keep someone from traveling, obtaining jobs, and opportunity, almost forcing the individual back into a life of crime.

Rappers and celebrities like Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian have championed the call for prison reformation in this country, and Bun has accepted the same call to make this problem more visible and raise awareness.

He started his journey by highlighting his reformation in hopes to motivate and uplift other incarcerated black men. In July 2019, after 11 years, Bun was finally released from his probation sentence and took a trip to Dubai.

Mr. Bun Bydaway is now a serial entrepreneur, with multiple successful businesses and is also a career in source of motivation within his community.

He has created opportunities by employing felons amongst other men in need of mentorship and opportunity. You can see more of his progress and revolution in his upcoming untitled documentary, set to release Spring 2020.

Bun also runs a record label with popular industry publicist Patientce Foster and they are pushing their buzzing artist, Billy Byrd, who just dropped the new video for her single “Tomorrow.”

AllHipHop: What was growing up like in Wilmington Delaware aka Murdertown.

Bun Bydaway: From the outside looking in, it may seem treacherous or unreal even like a battlefield but for me it was regular, growing up it was my norm. It wasn’t until I got older and got the opportunity to see the world outside of my world that I realized there was nothing normal about how I grew up and what I was exposed to. Growing up, making it back home was a maybe.

AllHipHop: What challenges did you face daily growing up in the hood.

Bun Bydaway: The challenges that I faced growing up in the hood, stem from a lot of things, survival, freedom, jealousy, envy. Surviving, every day there was someone getting shot, you just never knew would it be you. You could be a target for being an enemy, or you could become a target for being envied. Freedom, the route that I chose wasn’t legal, I knew my freedom could be snatched from me at any second.

AllHipHop: What are the main factors that drew you to the streets as an adolescent?

Bun Bydaway: The main thing that drove me to the streets was independence, I wanted to get it on my own and I wanted to get it on my own terms. Getting a job was never an option, was never thought of. Since everything around me was flashy, glitter and gold, it made it easy to choose hustling.

AllHipHop: If you could give the young version of yourself wisdom that you know now, what would it be?

Bun Bydaway: Watch who you call your friends, and how to invest my money more.

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AllHipHop: How has doing time in prison positivity and negativity affected your life.

Bun Bydaway: Positive it really gave me time to think and get my head on straight it always slows me down in a good way .. Negative time I miss with my family that I can’t get back

AllHipHop: What are some of the traps the system sets for young black men while on probation.

Bun Bydaway: Sheesh, to be honest, the whole thing is a trap especially in Delaware its like land mines set everywhere for probationers, literally everywhere you step is a violation.

AllHipHop: How did you avoid these traps?

Bun Bydaway: After I failed about 6 times I realized I just couldn’t breathe wrong, but I got help from a new program called the Achievement Center they made for inner-city probationers to basically help them get past the Petty violations and the small stuff regular P.O’s violate you for. Without that program, I truly believe I’ll still be on probation.

AllHipHop: When did you decide to transform yourself into an entrepreneur and how did you get started.

Bun Bydaway: I been an entrepreneur if you ask me but in the right people’s eyes maybe ummm 2018. I Basically just took everything I knew and put it into what I enjoyed and believed would make money.

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AllHipHop: What businesses do you currently own?

Bun Bydaway: BDW®️ Studios, CBDW INC. LIVE Events (1/2 Owner ), BDW®️ Road Run Trucking and BDW ®️ Vending.

AllHipHop: How do you plan to use entrepreneurship to affect social change

Bun Bydaway: I plan to continue shining a light on my entrepreneur ways, risks, and rewards to help inspire our society to want more for themselves, to take control over their current situations. Just because your stuck now, or feel like this is it doesn’t mean it has to be. People gotta understand there’s no perfect time to start, just start.

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