EXCLUSIVE: Bankroll Fresh’s Uncle Explains Why Street Money Label Fell Out With 2 Chainz’s Street Execs


(AllHipHop Features) Six months ago, rising rap star Trentavious “Bankroll Fresh” White’s life was cut short after the 28-year-old Atlanta native was killed outside the Street Execs studio.

The recording space is a home base for Streets Execs Management which sites Grammy-nominated Hip Hop artist 2 Chainz as its marquee client. Bankroll was also connected to the brand and the “Watch Out” performer. In fact, media outlets ran headlines after his death that started with “2 Chainz’s Artist Bankroll Fresh.”

While the company’s website still lists Bankroll Fresh under its “About” page, the rhymer’s uncle/business partner has disputed that there is any contractual association between his nephew and Street Execs. AllHipHop.com recently interviewed Street Money Worldwide’s Marvin Shadi Powers, and he further explained the label’s issues with Street Execs.

Powers’ concerns stem from what he perceives as Street Execs’ lack of cooperation with the family as well as the status of Bankroll’s unreleased work. The longtime music industry insider is also bothered by the publicity being given to No Plug, the man who confessed during an interview with VladTV to being involved in the March shooting.

Read Part 2 of AllHipHop’s Q&A with Shadi Powers.

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What is the relationship like now between Street Money and Street Execs?

There is none. Street Execs has nothing to do with Bankroll’s name. Nothing at all. When he was alive, he had a relationship with them to help book him, promote him, and take care of some of his business. But he had no paperwork with them during that time – no contract, no nothing.

When he died, the misconception was that he was a 2 Chainz artist and he was signed to them. That never was the case. The reason we actually fell out with them is because they never contributed to help bury him. Nothing.

They seemed like they were trying to hide information and hide video footage. It was a lot going on that was underhanded. We were over there every day with y’all. Why was it like pulling teeth to get the information about what was going on over there?

Where is his belongings? Where is his music? Where is his tapes? Where’s his content? We were recording over there. It was like pulling teeth at first, and they had no legal rights to anything. They were even selling his merchandise on their website two months after he died. And not one red cent came over to his mother.

Is there any talk about legal action?

All that is in play now. They’re not exempt. Everything is in play right now. Whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be. This guy Plug is a rat. I don’t even like saying his name. I don’t like giving his name any type of  light. He’s talking about he’s pushing his CD. He’s not an industry dude.

He don’t have no connects. So wonder who gave him those connects. Where did he get those connects from? Who got Vlad to do that interview with him? It painted Fresh as the bad guy. So if I could paint somebody that might have a wrongful death lawsuit against me…

I’m not saying that we do or anybody does have a wrongful death lawsuit. But say if we did have a wrongful death lawsuit and there’s somebody out here painting a picture that Fresh was the aggressor or this whole situation never would have took place if Fresh hadn’t escalated it, what’s going to happen to the wrongful death lawsuit?

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Bankroll Fresh still gets a lot of love in this city. What are you and the family doing to continue his legacy?

It’s proof in the pudding. The legacy ain’t going nowhere. Look at [Bankroll Fresh’s nephew] Bankroll PJ. PJ is on tour with the “Kids Lives Matter Tour” with Silentó and a lot of others. He’s also a cast member of the FX series called Atlanta. He’s going to be a major mainstream star. I guarantee you that. PJ’s about to be big.

Street Money Boochie has a lot of music coming out. QuickTrip is doing very good with his music. We’re getting ready to take a lot of control of Street Money Worldwide and Bankroll Fresh’s likeness, merchandise, and website. A lot of that stuff is important to maintain a legacy.

Remember the King family went after anybody that had anything to do with Martin Luther King. But for years, it was a free-for-all. People went crazy selling Martin Luther King stuff. They were making major money. Then the King family had enough. Over 20 years went by before they finally decided to stop it. We ain’t waiting no 20 years though. That’s getting stopped now.

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