EXCLUSIVE: Bizzy Crook Talks Participating In “Tidal Discovery,” Building Independently & “John Geiger” Single


In April, Tidal announced it is providing a new outlet for up-and-coming/independent artists to get more exposure. The streaming service’s “Tidal Discovery” program highlights rising acts through curated playlists, video exclusives, and an upcoming tour.

Miami-bred rapper Bizzy Crook was selected as the first performer to be featured on Tidal Discovery. The New Music Seminar’s “Artist on the Verge” shot a “day in the life” video for the Jay Z led platform. The clip included Bizzy meditating at Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon Park, visiting the office of the Young & Reckless fashion brand, and stopping by the studio to record new tracks.

AllHipHop.com spoke with Bizzy about being featured on Tidal Discovery, growing his brand as an indie performer, and what the future holds for the No Hard Feelings mixtape creator.

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How did you get involved in the Tidal Discovery program?

Tidal reached out to my management. I think I was one of the first people to tweet about Tidal when it first launched. Somebody at the office that was familiar with my music passed it on. They heard the music, and they wanted me to do it.

As an indie artist, what do you see are the advantages of working with a company like Tidal?

The fact that it’s such a new company that somebody like Jay Z is still pushing. So a lot of people are going to tune in. It’s a great platform to get your music on. I went up to the Roc Nation office, and that’s where the Tidal office is. You get the best of both worlds. Tidal and the attention of the Roc Nation people too.

Bizzy In Y&R
Bizzy in Y&R

In your mini-doc, you also visited Young & Reckless. What’s your relationship with that brand?

Drama and Keith, those are my guys. Those guys are hip. They catch a lot of stuff early. They always see the vision. Young & Reckless reached out to me about a year ago during last year’s BET Awards.

They had me model some things. Those guys know the culture, and they are very good at predicting what’s next. They’re with Post Malone now. Yeah, they know what they’re doing over there.

So for the Tidal Discovery documentary, we ran through the office, took some photos, and chopped it up with Drama. We’re definitely looking forward to doing some things.

You’ve done a good job building your brand independently. At this point do you have any interest in signing with a major?

I’m not opposed to it. But as far as signing just because? Nah, I’m not really interested in that. What I am interested in is continuing to build, and eventually finding a partner that sees the level we’re doing already and not change that. They just want to partner up and help us do bigger things.

That I’m all the way with, but right now we’re learning the game. We’re learning how things work. We do have a lot of great relationships with people at labels.

You recently released the new track “John Geiger.” Have you had the chance to meet him?

Me and John haven’t linked yet, but we’re definitely talking about doing a visual. Being an avid sneaker lover, John is somebody that’s important to the culture.

I did the “John Geiger” record initially just referring to the misplaced checks, but then we ended up chopping it up. We had a lot of things in common. It’s almost like what John is doing in the sneaker world, I want to do in the rap game. It’s like we’re underdogs.

I saw an interview where you said you wrote that song right after the XXL Freshman list came out. Some people were surprised you didn’t make it this year. Were you disappointed at the fact you weren’t picked?

I wasn’t disappointed. I felt like I just gotta step it up and go harder. I took that as motivation. I’m not one to get disappointed by not getting things my way. I’m more of the kind of guy to take that, flip it and just go harder.

When I didn’t make the Freshman cover, I said, “Okay.” If the Freshman list is about longevity and the future of Hip Hop that doesn’t change the fact this is my freshman year.

Speaking of the future, do you have plans to release another project anytime soon?

Absolutely, right now I’m working on a very special project. It’s called From Nothing Came Everything. This one right here is going to change everything. It’s going to put my mark on the game and give me the respect I deserve.

I’m planning on doing a lot of things with Tidal. They have a great platform for artists like me – like I said earlier – because of the fact that it’s a new company that Jay Z’s behind it, and he’s still actively pushing it. A lot of artists are behind it – Kanye, Rihanna.

So there’s a lot of attention on Tidal right now. It’s good for indie artists to upload their music on there, and they’ll have a very good chance of being heard. Just like I did. This all started with a tweet.

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