Exclusive: Black Thought – Don’t Ever Call Him “Underrated” Again


“He’s got a big ego, such a huge ego…” – Beyonce, “Ego”

In rap, ego is everything. Whether you’re literally boasting, or merely outshining your opponent lyrically, ego is the energy drink that catapults the best MCs beyond the rest.

So, it comes as no surprise that Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter might have an extra healthy perception of himself. And yet, unlike the glitz and gravitas that most other rappers lean heavily upon, Black Thought chooses to do his bragging with his fiercest weapon – his rapping. His undeniably-one-of-the-best-who’s-ever-done-it brand of rapping.

Google him and you’ll find one word that keeps cropping up after all these years – and it must be almost annoying if you’re Black Thought. ‘UNDERRATED.’ By definition, it means “to rate or evaluate too low; underestimate.” And by rap terms, it means not getting your full shine, props, respect, due, and so on. Ask the proud Philadelphia native, however, and Black Thought will assure you that there’s nothing underrated about him. Besides, he has the catalog, Grammys, epic collaborations, and uber-comfortable lifestyle to prove it.

If you’re Black Thought, though, the spotlight is somewhat unwanted, and the self-knowledge that you’re one of the best is plenty. Plenty to fuel an ego that still effortlessly slays microphones and MCs after 25 years in the game. Check the video clip below, as AllHipHop.com interviews Black Thought at his home, where he talks about “Watching Thrones,” the person who DOES enjoy the spotlight within his crew, and returning to his Roots past:

In case you’ve been sleeping lately, this is “Black Thought Week” on AllHipHop.com! Check in tomorrow for more on his latest ventures, and read up on his previous “Black thoughts” about MLK and the undun album!