EXCLUSIVE: Bobby Brown’s Nephew Shayne Brown Addresses Rumors Of Family Conflicts + Argument With Shot 97’s Star


Ever since Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was taken to an Atlanta area hospital late last month, news outlets have given conflicting accounts surrounding the 21-year-old’s condition. The media has also continuously reported strife within Bobbi Kristina’s family.

Bobby Brown’s nephew, Shayne Brown, is one of the few family members that has spoken on the record, mostly thanking the concerned public for the well wishes directed towards his cousin. Shayne also found himself in the headlines when TMZ claimed he got into a physical altercation with his mother Tina Brown.

Shayne then recently appeared as a phone guest on Troi “Star” Torain’s YouTube show. The exchange between the Shot 97 personality and Brown got combative when Star asked if Bobbi Kristina was still on life support.

According to Shayne, it was agreed that topic would not be addressed during the interview, and the conversation eventually led to Star telling Shayne to “f**k off” and “f**k your b***h ass uncle.” Shayne responded by warning the host, “Me and you will cross paths, and when we do, we’ll handle it then… I will see you.”

AllHipHop.com connected with Shayne Brown to address his argument with Star, rumors of tension among Bobbi Kristina’s kin, and the media’s portrayal of his family.

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Can you explain why you’ve decided not to speak publicly about Bobbi Kristina’s condition?

Any interview I did, I never spoke on Krissi’s condition, just out of respect for my uncle. At this time, he just wants his privacy on that, so I never spoke on her condition. Anything I ever spoke on was concerning myself.

But what I can tell the people is that she’s getting better, prayers are working, and continue to pray. I just never spoke on Krissi’s condition out of respect for my uncle. That’s just not my place to do so.

How are you, your uncle, and the rest of the family holding up?

Everybody’s good. Everybody’s in good spirits. We’re coming together. Everybody just wants to see Krissi get better. Everybody’s doing well.

There were reports saying that a fight took place between you and your mother. Can you talk about what happened with that situation?

The situation involved me and my mother, Tina Brown. Basically, the media is going to take what they want and make it seem what they want it to be to the people.

At the end of the day, we had a get together for Uncle Bobby’s birthday. There was a family friend from the past who showed up who wasn’t supposed to be there. Some words were exchanged. My mother got frustrated and threw a glass.

I just so happened to walk in the direction the glass was thrown and got hit. Never did she deliberately mean to hit me with the glass, but that’s just the way it happened. So I ended up going to the hospital and got a few stitches.

The next morning I wake up, and it’s on TMZ and every other media outlet you can think of. Since then it’s just been a hectic ride, but it was really just blown out of proportion.

Bobbi Kristina Brown + Bobby Brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown + Bobby Brown

Just to clear up the rumors, there were reports that you hit her and she purposely hit you. So that’s not true?

They’re trying to say that she spit on me, she hit me with a glass, and I hit her. These are false reports. I don’t know where they’re getting it from or who they’re getting it from. At a time when we should be together, worrying about Krissi, the media tries to make it seem like we’re fighting and arguing. That ain’t the case at all.

What’s the current relationship between the Brown family and the Houston family? There have been reports there are issues.

It’s all love on my end with all the Houstons. We all came together for Krissi. Any differences that anybody had between the Brown and Houston families – everybody put that to the side. At the end of the day, we’re dealing with something much greater than that.

This is our little cousin, our sister, our niece. This is a family member going through something. If anybody had any differences, it’s definitely been put to the side. As far as the Browns and Houstons right now, it’s all love. There’s no tension. It’s all peaceful.

There was audio released of an argument between you and Star. He started by saying that you were scheduled to appear on his show to talk about Bobbi Kristina.

Star reached out to my people about doing an interview. And like I tell everybody who asked me to do an interview – like when my people spoke to you, they told you that Shayne will not be speaking about Krissi’s condition. That’s the same thing we told Star.

First off, he called me. He reached out to my people and asked for my number. When Star called me, I told him I’m not talking about Krissi’s condition. If you listen to the audio, he came sideways from the jump.

I gave him pass after pass. His first question was about Krissi and life support. I’m like, “We already went through this. I’m not going to discuss nothing with you about Krissi’s condition.” When you did that you disrespected me, because we already discussed what we’re going to talk about.

After me telling him, “I’m not talking about that,” he went off with the phone gangster rants. I’m not going to be on the phone talking no gangster s**t back-and-forth. That’s corny n***a s**t to me.

Like I told him, “You can do all the ranting and raving over the phone all you want to, but man-to-man when we see each other eye-to-eye, we’ll see each other then.” As far as you being on the phone yelling and screaming, you ain’t getting no reaction out of me with that. He just took it to another level.

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There were some serious statements made during that conversation. On your part, was that out of anger or do you really plan to address it with him in person? You said, “Your mother might be on a machine.” He said some stuff to you. It got really heated.

I’m going to just be honest with you. Man-to-man, when I see Star, I’m going to punch Star in his mouth. That’s just on the strength of disrespect, because I didn’t come to his platform with no disrespect at all. I let the man know exactly what we can and can’t discuss, and he went against the agreement we made.

I didn’t come at him talking reckless. I didn’t come at him talking crazy at all. He popped off, talking crazy to me. But man-to-man, when I see him I will smack the s**t out of him for that. That’s my true feelings.

Is there anyway you could settle the situation before it gets physical?

There’s no more talking. Once you say “f**k my family,” going off, and making accusations about me and my mother – people that you don’t even know – there’s no more talking. The talking is done. We did enough talking over the phone.

Is there anything else you want the public to know?

One thing I definitely want to clear up is that there’s a lot of accusations coming out. US Weekly printed an article saying me and my mother are seeking compensation from media outlets for interviews. Did you pay me to do this interview?

Not at all.

Never once did we ever seek compensation for anything we did. Me and my mother never even did an interview about Krissi’s condition. Whatever media outlets we touched were media outlets that reached out to us to clear our family name.

Never once did we seek a dollar, because it wasn’t about that. It was about clearing our family name from the media trying to make us look like something that we’re not. That was our whole purpose for doing interviews.

It hasn’t been about compensation. It was solely on protecting our family name and making sure people got the truth instead of the lies the media has been putting out in the public. That’s the main thing I wanted to clear up.

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