Exclusive: Conversations with 50 Cent: Lil Wayne, Beef, DJ Drama, The Lost Tape


“They build entertainers to destroy entertainers…for entertainment,” 50 Cent says frankly with the cool demeanor of  a warlord that has seen honest time on the battlefield.

“The environment that I grew up in, we were taught to greet aggression with aggression. So if you want a problem, I’ll offer a bigger problem until you decide that might not be a good idea,” he continues. “There’s no need to kiss and make up or shake hands. You forget my name, I’ll forget your name and we move on.”

The truth is, 50 charges, beef will always course though Hip-Hop’s veins and 50 has seen it from all angles, from street conflicts to trivial rap spats.

“Its Hip-Hop. Battling has always been a part of the culture…there was never no altercation that created this issue that you call beef,” he explains of his situation with Lil Wayne. “I didn’t run into him anywhere, [but the boxing match with Floyd Mayweather].” The pair recently had a brief encounter to which 50 details in the audio to this exclusive interview.

AllHipHop.com’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talked to 50 Cent and DJ Drama in a surprisingly candid interview that yielded many answers and more questions as well. The mogul of Hip-Hop details explains his encounter with Lil Wayne, the method to his mania and other matters.

In addition to theorizing beef, 50 Cent and DJ Drama joined forces to release Gangsta Grillz “The Lost Tape” last week to critical fanfare by fans.

In the obligatory ice breaker, 50 and Drama talk about finally linking up after trying in 2007.   50 maintains he helped get 2 Chainz “Riot” back up the charts, he embraced rapping Southern-style from way back and explained how he  continues to served these Hip-Hop fiends.

Listen to the audio of 50 Cent and DJ Drama talking about “The Lost Tape”:

Download The Lost Tape below.