EXCLUSIVE: Dot Demo Restores Lyricism To The Bronx

Dot Demo

AllHipHop sits down for an in-depth interview with Dot Demo. The Bronx native discusses his upbringing, favorite rappers and mo

The Bronx is the birthplace of emceeing.

And in the congested world of rap music, it is easy to forget the value of the lyric and the presence of the lyricist.

Quick beats and catchy phrases saturate the radio, making it hard for artists, who are remotely connected to the artistic foundation, to feel lost in the proverbial sauce. Let’s face it … who cares if you can rhyme?

Well, Dot Demo not only reminds the culture that there are artists that care but reminds the fan of reasons to care.

In his exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, the artist talks about his latest project 93Hunnit, and the process to bring it to the world.

A 16-piece opus, he talks shares how the legacy of being a Bronx rapper helped him craft his project into something that multiple generations could relate to.

“I am telling you; I grew up really weird,” he shares in an exclusive interview with journalist Nikki Duncan-Smith.

He spoke about growing up in an Afro-Latino family and drawing from his Southern heritage and his Boricua roots.  At any given time, his pro-Black grandfather would be breaking down the necessity of nation-building in the house, but outside of the house, he would be taught how to survive in Soundview streets.

Check out his interview and peep all the fascinating elements that made him into the artist that he is, including fatherhood, group affiliations, and more.

Dot Demo co-produced two tracks on the album, while his brother RUNITUPDAY! captured the essence of aesthetically pleasing Lo-Fi Hip Hop on nine of the songs, alongside work from Don The Jeweler, Pacino Tha Plug, Rizzy 2 Times, Ya Drunk Uncle, Beats By Day, and Stab Production.

Fans can stream 93HUNNIT on your favorite platform here: https://vydia.lnk.to/93HUNNIT