Exclusive: Havoc of Mobb Deep Urges Voters Not To “Believe The Lies” Being Spewed By Mitt Romney


(AllHipHop News) Havoc of the legendary group Mobb Deep (which is currently on hiatus) got political with AllHipHop.com, and on this very important Election Day, Havoc is urging voters not to “believe the lies” being told by the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

“If somebody like [Mitt] Romney is elected, they’re going to cut so many budgets, people are really going to be hurting out there,” said Havoc. “They don’t care about people who are struggling, and they are trying to kill the middle class. What really amazes me the most is that the people who are hurting, some of them are undecided and leaning towards Mitt Romney, and they believe the lies that he’s putting out there.

“If you look at his career and history, [Mitt Romney] has always lied. He’s back and forth on issues. He’s saying one thing, but he’s definitely going to do another if he gets in there.”

Up until now, Havoc has never been very political publicly, but all of that may change in the near future.

“I’ve never ever tried [to get into politics], I just sit and yell at the TV most of the time, but one day, you never know, I might try to get involved with local politics.”

“I would like to, because I’m just tired of sitting back and letting politicians lie to us, and not really serving the people.”

“[Some] people think that what happens in the voting booth or whoever is elected doesn’t affect them, but it’s definitely the opposite…Federal programs being cut, which will affect the state programs, which will affect your block.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Havoc, where he speaks about why it is important to vote for the right candidate and explains his future political aspirations: