EXCLUSIVE: Immortal Technique on How to Conduct Yourself Around Police (or Gun-Toting, Self-Appointed Neighborhood Watchman)


The news headlines are packed to capacity with ongoing stories about the death of 17-year-old Florida teen Trayvon Martin. The angles are spinning on the troubling story of his February 26 murder at the hands of George Zimmerman faster than the public can keep up with. But two things about the story are certain – a young man is gone, and there is a growing racial divide in America.

The Hip-Hop world has used its voice vigilantly in the past to raise awareness about the ills going on within our communities, and the Trayvon Martin case is no different. Jasiri X, Plies, and Mistah F.A.B. have all dropped tribute tracks in the past two weeks to spread the word about what they see as an injustice with Zimmerman having not been arrested. Still, there aren’t oodles of rappers willing to put their necks or lyrics on the line in the name of justice for the deceased young man from the infamous hoodie incident.

Immortal Technique is different. But then again, he always has been.

The rapper/activist from Harlem spends his life mostly on the road, touring and leading charitable movements in places that most of us would never dare venture to. His outspoken perspectives – created in part by his family’s international background, a stint in prison, and trips to war-torn Afghanistan and beyond – are the stuff of rap legend.

AllHipHop.com sat down with Immortal Technique yesterday in New York City to get his special take on the story that has us all up in arms. Watch the video and share your thoughts on why Trayvon Martin wasn’t just a Black boy:

Trust us. You should come back for more of our interview with Immortal Technique in the coming days. He’s got a “revolutionary” documentary on the way!