EXCLUSIVE: Jeezy Talks Success, Drawing Inspiration From Tupac, Says “Trap Or Die 3” For The Fans


It’s been a busy two weeks for the Snowman! Jeezy recently released his seventh studio album,’Trap Or Die 3′, and he’s been on the road non-stop promoting the project across the country.

From performances at ‘Powerhouse,’ Miami takeovers, ESPN and Larry King visits, Jeezy had to bring the energy back to his hometown, Atlanta, as he teamed up with Atlanta’s own Hot 107.9 radio station for a secret show on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, Jeezy hit the stage at the popular Edgewood district Atlanta venue, Music Room for a private pop up show. The Snowman performed tracks from his ‘Trap Or Die 3’ album for the first time live.

Jeezy performed, “Let Em Know,” “G-Wagon,” “Goldmine,” “Going Crazy,” “All There,” and more. Not only did Jeezy perform his new music, he also took his day-one fans down memory lane as he performed classics like “Trap Or Die,” “Air Forces,” “Standing Ovation,” “Trap Star,” and more!

AllHipHop’s own Rea Davis moderated a brief Q&A with Jeezy where he reflected on his success 7 albums later.

“I just wanted to make a difference. I just wanted to get out of my situation. I put a lot of blood sweat and tears into my first mixtape which was ‘Streets Is Watching,’ and I saw the success of that, and I came back and dropped ‘Trap Or Die’. I spent a lot of money making it and I gave it free to create my buzz, and it changed my life!” said Jeezy.

On the process of creating ‘Trap Or Die’ and choosing the features Jeezy stated,

“We grinded hard. This wasn’t even about selling records; this wasn’t about being on the radio everyday. This is about my fans because they want what I do and they wanted it my way…. I wanted to please them. I wanted to put something out that they would love. This ain’t about nobody but y’all. As long as y’all are riding with me we good.”

Jeezy also discussed drawing inspiration from Tupac’s music and now having people draw inspiration from his music.

“It’s a lot of responsibility but I’m all for it. I’m a pretty stand up guy. I can never be that guy, but at the same time I’m going to try my best. Keep it 100 [and] make sure the city on top at all times. Make sure the streets and people are being represented in every way possible,” said Jeezy.

As far as what’s next from Jeezy it’s a lot of touching and inspiring people, more music, and more fun!

“I don’t care if you got a 9-5, you in college… whatever you doing this is your motivational music for you to get through your day. So anytime somebody tells you you can’t do something, you look them in their face and tell them it’s a got damn lie. Jeezy did that sh-t ten times over.”

‘Trap Or Die 3’ is out now!

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