EXCLUSIVE: Jose Guapo Opens Up About Quality Control Departure 

Jose talks about working with Street Execs, and why he left Quality Control!

Jose Guapo’s “Run It Up” was a moment in time. Serving as his breakout record back in 2015, the Atlanta native enlisted Takeoff of the Migos and YFN Lucci to shoot and turn up the city in the best way they knew how. The intro sees Jose stating, “We’re the boss, we do things are way. The way I look at it, it was just time to run it up!”

With his Instagram nickname as “MillionDollarKidd,” Jose was popular before he ever touched the microphone. When it comes to these new trap rappers, most would view Jose as an OG in hip-hop — one of the early trapper turned rappers who made a name for themselves in the rap game. His early influences carry over to his music today, not letting up on any of his bars, beat selections, punchlines, or storytelling lyrics.


This year, Jose went viral yet again — this time during an interview when he hilariously reacts to the word “simultaneously” the interviewer uses. He asks “what that mean?” While the moment itself was comical as hell, he capitalizes by releasing his own single titled “Simultaneously” and even his own merch.

Jose recently dropped off Baby Face Nelson, a mixtape for the streets to hold his fans over during quarantine.

AllHipHop: After you went solo with rap group Rich Kidz, you joined 2 Chainz’ Street Execs. What happened?

Jose Guapo: We agreed to disagree. I was young, didn’t know too much about the business. I was 18, I was old enough to sign my own contract because I did but I was young. Ready to get to the money and the lifestyle of that, because I’d already been around already for so long. I signed the situation with them. We end up parting ways. That’s when QC came about, started f###### with QC and Solid Foundation management. I wasn’t really a Quality Control artist, but I always felt like one. Always treated like one, but I actually was never signed.

AllHipHop: What was your relationship with P (Quality Control co-founder)?

Jose Guapo: Loyalty. My loyalty still cannot be questioned, see right now I got a YRN chain on. It’s an old thing I thought I’d bring out today. It was a gift, back during Migos’ Culture days. This is Culture 1, almost Culture 2 days.


AllHipHop: People want to know why you left Quality Control.

Jose Guapo: My brother ending up passing, why I got the hashtag #LLM (Long Live Money) on these Cartier frames. When he died, I went from a day to 8 months of not really f###### with nothing. Smoking, get high, trying to block my thoughts. That’s my first time dealing with close death. I can’t speak for them but I guess they thought was on some “f### it, I’m comfortable.”


AllHipHop: Really?

Jose Guapo: I’m just trying to put something together, I don’t know what happened. I was really going through s###, I wasn’t really right. I wasn’t pulling up to the video shoots, wouldn’t be in the studio everyday how I usually be. I was sitting at home, in my house.


AllHipHop: Music didn’t help you?

Jose Guapo: Nah because if that’s the only thing on your mind, you’re going to make a 100 songs about that. So I wasn’t trying to see no studio, my vibe wouldn’t be right. That’s back when I was getting higher than God, higher than Otis of the Temptations. I was getting higher than Bobby Brown. I never did cocaine but I was getting high off sippy syrup, which I don’t encourage any young people to try. I was sipping syrup, smoking weed, popping pills, getting too high. Nobody finna invest in a damn near junkie.



AllHipHop: How did you get out of that slump?

Jose Guapo: I slowly started getting out that m###########. I started looking at it as if I lay down, everybody else will lay down. I want to be the one to show everybody this isn’t the way, that isn’t what he would’ve wanted me to do. He’s the most turnt all day, 24/7, in no way in hell would he want a n*gga to be in the house. Hell nah, he’s the life of the party. I came back like cooked crack. I levelled up definitely when I dropped “Big Ole Facts,” we double Platinum on Youtube on the audio. My song when I came out my slump, a street banger.


AllHipHop: What happened after that?

Jose Guapo: S### started back picking up rap-wise. Shows, interviews, videos, back recording, back working.



AllHipHop: How did Pop Smoke’s death affect you and how you move now?

Jose Guapo: I f##### with Pop Smoke, he was a real fly dude. I liked his music. He was young. Before we blow up, we don’t come to LA for vacations where we come from. When you come out here, you don’t really know what’s going on. I can’t speak on his situation, I don’t want to disrespect anyone. Fly high Pop Smoke, we f### with you. But moving around LA, you have to know somebody who’s really from LA. They grew up in one of these projects. You have to know how to move, be hip to what temperature these n*ggas on this month of LA.


It’s the gangbanging capitol, they with the s###. Growing up, n*ggas was taught to fight and shoot before getting money. I believe in knowing where you’re at all times. Have a real loyal LA person you trust, who can tell you exactly where you’re at. You need to know all that, whatever level you’re on. Even if you’re Jay-Z, there’s no such thing as enough knowledge. Any city you go to, you need to move properly. I’m be cool when I travel because I learned from Big Meech: “always link with a loyal dude in every city because you’re going to tour.” I got UK friends, Italy friends. I was on FaceTime with my Italy homeboy today. I talked to my New York homie today. I know when in New York, this ain’t cool or that ain’t cool. Every city no matter where you go, especially when you’re already standing out because you’re a rapper or entertainer, you got money, you got jewelry, a nice car, always be prepared for the d-boys. Dirty boys, they’re ready to get dirty. Ready to do anything dirty to you.


AllHipHop: “Simultaneously” the single, what are the 3 ways you make money?

Jose Guapo: Real estate, rap, and investing in stock.


AllHipHop: Are you a father?

Jose Guapo: I’m actually not. I’m an uncle. I use condoms. I keep one on me right now, I keep them around.


AllHipHop: What’s your feature price?

Jose Guapo: I’m not saying that for the interview. I work with people for different numbers. If somebody wants a verse from me, it’s going to be $7500.