Exclusive: Police Source On JMJ Murder

One year after the murder of one of the most influential DJ’s in history, the entire Hip-Hop community wonders why our heroes have been murdered and the cases never get solved. The Jam Master Jay case has exposed things that otherwise would have never been known about the characters of certain people in the music […]

One year after the

murder of one of the most influential DJ’s in history, the entire Hip-Hop community

wonders why our heroes have been murdered and the cases never get solved. The

Jam Master Jay case has exposed things that otherwise would have never been known

about the characters of certain people in the music business.

The police are

trying to piece together a jigsaw puzzle that seems to have more pieces than

a mirror shattered on the ground.

Perhaps that mirror

could have shown the self destructive nature that the Hip-Hop industry has taken

on. And while so called "leaders" continue to use the played out claim

that rap merely "reflects what’s happening in the streets" but don’t

usher a change of thinking, mothers, families, friends and fans lose their loved

ones, while the stereotypical image of Hip-Hop continues to grow.

In an exclusive

interview, a high ranking New York Police Department detective spoke candidly

about what may, or may not have happened to Jam Master Jay. He/she requested

that their identity remain concealed for a variety of reasons. The following

is a conversation with an insider about what the police are doing and what they aren’t,

to solve the murder of Jam Master Jay.

AllHipHop: On the

night Jay was killed, they said two people entered the studio. The reports say

there were two masked gunman. How much do you know about that?

Anonymous Detective:

There were two gunman, but one of them didn’t have a mask on.

AllHipHop: So if

one didn’t have a mask on, or as reported today, that the gunman hugged JMJ,

why is it so hard for the people in the recording studio to identify the gunman?

I doubt Jay would have hugged a masked man.

AD: The case is

a lot deeper than everyone expected. It’s people really close to Jay.

AllHipHop: When

you say ‘people close to Jay,’ do you mean friends or family?

AD: I mean the

immediate circle of friends he grew up with.

AllHipHop: Who

is Tinard Washington? There has been a lot of things attributed to him in various

media outlets. He implicated a former promoter, Carl "Big D." Jordan

and his son, Noyd (Lil D, Carl Jordan Jr.) in the murders.

AD: Tinard is a

guy who’s been arrested several times. He has a reputation of shooting people.

He’s a guy who has grown up to be very feared in the neighborhood. Some of the

shootings are true, some of them aren’t. I know he’s not that tough, but he

puts on a persona that he’s this tough street dude.

AllHipHop: Have

you heard about him being involved in any other murders, mainly the murder of

Randy "Stretch" Walker?

AD: I know he shot

a family relative that is paralyzed now. There is not much evidence to make

the Walker claim credible, but we are very aware of that situation.

AllHipHop: What

about Jay’s supposed involvement in drug dealing? Is there any credibility to

any of that?

AD: There has been

a lot of mention of it. Unless someone goes on the record and says that, we

are going to just keep that as information.

AllHipHop: The

reason I bring it up, is because the drug dealing aspect could provide a motive

of why he may have been killed. You don’t know anything about Yaqin or the ten

keys of cocaine?

AD: At this time,

all we can say is that Jay always went back to the hood. He may have been reaching

out and helping to introduce people, but we don’t believe he was involved totally

in dealing drugs, where he actually did the buying or the dealing.

AllHipHop: Supreme

McGriffin. Is he still a suspect?

AD: We aren’t going

to rule anyone out, but I don’t believe Supreme had anything to do with it.

AllHipHop: The

investigation seems like it’s been played out in various media, including AllHipHop.com.

Do you feel the media has been responsible in reporting?

AD: The media is

the media. It’s a high profile murder case. But due to the various leaks, it

makes it difficult when the whole situation is played out in the media.

AllHipHop: I read

an article recently in Newsday, that said the 103rd has the highest murder rate

in the city of New York. How do you feel about how the whole situation is being


AD: The problem

is is that the 103rd is overwhelmed right now. They have had a lot of homicides

in the past month and there are several murders they haven’t solved that they

are working on. Not to say that Jay’s case is being put on the back burner,

but it kind of is, because of the rash of homicides.

AllHipHop: Are

they understaffed?

AD: There used

to be detectives with 20 plus years that could help solve murders, but they

are working with the best they can. Not all of the detectives have that many

years investigating murders.

AllHipHop: I’ve

heard that there was a seminar going on next door. Can you clarify if there

were any other witnesses to the murder other than the people that were present

at the studio?

AD: At this time

it doesn’t seem that’s a possibility.

AllHipHop: I heard

that Randy Allen chased the gunman outside of the studio. Then I heard that

they came out of the booth and saw Jay, removed his chain and the studio gun.

I also heard that a person from the seminar discovered Jay’s body first. What


AD: I can tell

you that when Jay was shot, there were people in the building yes, but everything

has been done to find out what witnesses were actually there.

AllHipHop: Curtis

Scoon. What are your thoughts on him?

AD: Haven’t ruled

him out yet, but we haven’t ruled anyone out. Scoon doesn’t appear to be the

issue, Jay’s immediate circle of friends seem to be.

AllHipHop: Randy

Allen seems to be a central character in this whole situation. What have you

heard about this supposed insurance policy? I recently heard his older sister

was the beneficiary of the policy.

AD: We are aware

of it. We aren’t sure who the beneficiary is at this time.

AllHipHop: So there

was an insurance policy.

AD: Yes.

AllHipHop: Someone

collected on it?

AD: That I don’t

know. Sometimes it’s hard to penetrate these circles as an outsider. I do have

a suggestion. The family of Jam Master Jay should contact a detective name Derek


AllHipHop: Who

is Derek Parker?

AD: He’s the guy

that started and founded the rap and Hip-Hop squad. He’s the guy they need to

reach out to.

AllHipHop: What’s

the rap & Hip-Hop squad?

AD: The squad that

goes around and uh, watches the rappers.

AllHipHop: So there

is a Hip-Hop squad?

AD: Yes. Parker

was appointed by the ex chief of the department, Lou Anemone and Commissioner

Edward Norris.

AllHipHop: Do you

think Derek Parker could solve the case faster and if so, why haven’t they contacted

him yet?

AD: The family

may not know who he is. The rappers in the industry knows who he is cause he’s

dealt with alot of them at one point or another. He was in Los Angeles for the

Biggie murders and Las Vegas for the Pac murder. Still to this day he’s a private

investigtar for his own company, Styles Security. Parker claimed that if he

is in fact hired to assist in the case, he would have it wrapped up in a week.