Three Questions With Chaos


New Jersey’s Jameel “Chaos” Laboo went from throwing punches in the ring to laying down tracks in the booth. The Born 2 Win Entertainment rapper took up boxing to relive stress, but he later realized making music was a more effective outlet for him to release his emotions and aggression.

Inspired by the work of Tupac Shakur, Chaos embarked on his musical journey with street albums like 2012’s Born 2 Win and Streets On Lean. After releasing the Never Change mixtape featuring Troy Ave and Lee Mazin, Chaos is back six months later with the second installment in the series.

Never Change 2 is a 12-track ride through Chaos’ hometown of Newark. Hosted by DJ Drewski, DJ Naim, and DJ Wallah, NC2 lets listeners bare witness to the Brick City native’s tales of going from convicted hustler to recording artist. Pain, family, paranoia, relationships, prosperity, and conflict are all themes layered throughout the project. caught up with the “I Gotta Ball” performer for “Three Questions.” In the off-kilter interview, Chaos shares his thoughts on the potential Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao bout, the possibility of having to give up sex, and nearly suffering an embarrassing public moment.

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As a boxer, who do you think would win in a Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao fight right now?

Me personally, I believe Floyd will win this fight. Reason being Manny is fighting with emotion. He has something to prove. He’s going to try and knock Floyd out. He’s going to be extra aggressive – all the things Floyd will use to his benefit.

Although Floyd knows he can’t take him lightly, Manny can’t get into his head. That’s what determines the fight. Once you’re cool is lost, the fight’s over.

If you had to give up either making music or having sex for at least three years, which one would you give up ?

That’s a crazy situation, but I will give up music. Not only because sex is the best stress reliever in the world [laughs], but I like kids and when all is said and done I need someone to continue the legacy I plan to build.

What has been one of the most chaotic moments during your time in the music industry?

I think one of my most chaotic moments was when I put together a showcase, and the DJ pulled a no-show at showtime. The place was getting packed, and we were playing music off an iPod. Eventually a back up DJ showed, and it was a success.

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