Exclusive Video – Is Rapper Cassidy Taking The Religious Rap Route?


Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has been in the rap game for almost 10 years. But lately, he hasn’t been in the news for his music, but for a rap “beef” with fellow Philly rapper, Meek Mill. The much publicized beef has seen both rappers go back and forth with each other on Twitter over a rap battle that, unfortunately, may never come to fruition.

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In a recent sit down with AllHipHop.com, Cassidy revealed that there are more important matters on his mind these days, such as focusing on making a positive change in the community through his music and through his love and belief in GOD.

“I’ve always had a relationship with God, but I bettered my relationship with God when I went to jail,” revealed Cassidy. “I decided to read the Bible cover-to-cover, and I did that almost twice.

“That’s when my rhymes started to take a little turn, ’cause I realized that I wanted to put positive things in the street. Make people who do believe in God comfortable enough to come out with it.

“I want to let people know that you can be cool, you can be poppin’, but you could still have a relationship with God.”

Check out the exclusive interview with Cassidy below to hear the rapper explain how he re-discovered his belief in God, and how he plans to use his music to better his community: