Fat Joe, Avakin Life & PlanetPlay Empower Gamers While Promoting Eco-Consciousness

The collaboration is also an environmental initiative to make gaming a force for positive change, with global warming.

Grammy-nominated recording artist Fat Joe, PlanetPlay and Lockwood Publishing recently announced their partnership to promote eco-consciousness in the gaming community.

The venture will deliver a series of exclusive in-game and physical merchandise created in collaboration with Fat Joe with a portion of proceeds donated to PlanetPlay to fund global climate projects.

“I really respect PlanetPlay and Lockwood Publishing’s unique and creative approach to supporting environmental sustainability,” Fat Joe said. “Together, we came up with an innovative way to bring fans new merch designs that will bring awareness to global climate initiatives and also help make a positive impact on our world.”

The collaboration will feature a series of physical and virtual items, including hoodies and t-shirts, which will be sold bundled with a variable carbon emissions reduction starting at a minimum of 100 kg CO2. The amount of carbon emissions reduced will be reflected in the design of the item, letting people show their commitment and contributions towards a healthier planet.

Fans can even pre-order the first t-shirt from the collaboration, featuring an all-new exclusive design inspired by Fat Joe and created by Rhea Stark through the official storefront here.

Starting on Oct. 11, Avakin Life players can contribute to the fight against climate change by purchasing a series of limited-edition Fat Joe virtual items, through the in-game marketplace.

“We’re beyond humbled to have an international superstar like Fat Joe joining us in our mission to engage the gaming community and make green moves towards a healthier planet,” said Rhea Loucas, Founder and CEO of PlanetPlay. 

“Lockwood Publishing has been a tremendous partner in introducing our in-game items that support environmental initiatives, and this partnership with Fat Joe is taking it to the next level as we introduce an entire new collection of both in-game and physical items that will have a huge positive impact.”

Ivee Feria-Padua, Avakin Life Product Director, added:

“Gaming can drive positive real-world change, and together with PlanetPlay and our amazing community we believe this initiative can do just that. Interacting with fresh and creative branded content is something which helps players further customize is key to helping players express their identities, and we’re delighted to be working with Fat Joe to bring this to Avakin Life, as well as supporting PlanetPlay’s crucial climate projects.”

To celebrate the launch, Fat Joe will host a one-day, pop-up event at his iconic store in the Bronx, UP NYC. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to meet the international star in person, as well as purchase exclusive physical merchandise from the collaboration. Fat Joe is even giving attendees an opportunity to enter a drawing to win a pair of the latest fan-favorite Terror Squad (Fat Joe) x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers signed by Fat Joe himself.