From Sac Town To The Underground: Chuuwee Speaks His Truth On Breaking Through


From Sacramento, California, Chuuwee is a diabolical spitter who has been dominating the scene on his native West Coast for some time now, but has recently become a feature favorite across the country. His frank discussion about how he came up in the game and how others didn’t want to support him has made Chuuwee a social media fave. And, not just for his honest discussion, but also for the the truth it holds for young independent artists everywhere.

Whether he’s speaking on his hometown not showing support, the fake fundraiser he held in order to be a part of a show with the legendary Rakim, or the ideas he has to carry him into the next year, Chuuwee is demonstrating that he’s a one of a kind hustler in his own right. Check out our chat with Chuuwee: Let’s just get right to it! So, we know that you hail from Sacramento, California. What is the Hip-Hop scene like there, and how hard was it for you to break through?

Chuuwee: It was hard to break through in Sac because of the segregation. A lot of people won’t listen to you, because they rap like you do or because they already have a clique. Don’t get me wrong – it’s getting better, and there’s some more unity than there was before, but Sac doesn’t show support much.

Before I started doing things out of town, I was performing everywhere I possibly could in Sacramento, just trying to get noticed. I spent all the money I had, and even sold some of my possessions to try to gather up money to buy tickets. We had to sell them in order to open for Rakim at The El Rey in L.A. The whole squad helped us wash cars two weekends straight to raise money for our L.A. trip expenses and to cover all the tickets. We posed as a basketball team and made up a random high school name! Me and J.Good were the alleged coaches. [laughter] Wow, that’s definitely hustling! Do you feel like there has been any backlash or ill will toward you as a result of your recent successes?

Chuuwee: Sometimes, yes. I always try to look at it as I’m just thinking about it too much, or I’m too on edge. I try hard to be ignorant to it. What would you like to let your fans and supporters know about how hard you have fought to make your dreams a reality?

Chuuwee: I know everybody has a “story,” so I’m not really different from anybody else. I came from very very low points in life and have been through some things. But I always knew I was going to rap, and I did everything I had to do to become successful with it. Music is the only way I can voice myself without offending someone with my opinions and views. Do you feel like this is reflected in your music?

Chuuwee: I definitely speak on times in my life that I feel like people can relate to. Riding the bus to get where you need to go, feeling like the man because three girls are texting you at once, stressing out over life’s woes and the ups and downs we all face. I try to be a reflection of the minds of people like me who are a little different and might do too much thinking. What message do you hope the listeners are getting from your projects?

Chuuwee: I broadcast many messages, but I mainly want my listeners to have someone who can voice what’s on their minds that they might be too afraid to say. Or I want to be someone who can represent the people who are more open minded in life. [laughter] I see. Well, what are you currently working on, and do you have anything new dropping soon?

Chuuwee: I’m working on a project with Dibia$e called The Diabolical Gatzby. I’ve already said too much about that one. I’m also working on the B-Side of Wildstyle! And I’m working on my debut album, 3rd Coastin‘. OK, interesting. And what can we look forward to seeing from you in the new year?

Chuuwee: Deeper insight on everyday distractions. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and the new stuff I’m writing is innovative in itself. Not to hype anything up but I’m excited. Also expect some crazy collabos! It’s. Going. Down. [laughter] Nice! How can the readers keep up with you?

Chuuwee: Hit me at or @chuuweetus on Twitter.