Ghostface Killah: “I’ve Been Sitting on ‘Supreme Clientele 2’ for Four Years”


Ghostface Killah’s lyrical brushstrokes continue to increase Hip-Hop’s inherent value. Back in the Golden Era, his compelling perspective first penetrated the art form as an essential member of the Wu-Tang Clan.  Using sixteens to spin stories and to convey ardent feeling he has made a smooth transition as a solo artist.

Recently, while attending the launch of the innovative app Spit16, which allows emerging artists the ability to upload an entire minute of material for the world to watch, Ghostface spoke about his highly anticipated album, Supreme Clientele 2. After divulging that the album has been 80-90% completed for about “four years,” he contends that his avant-garde approach and classic lyricism has prevented the project from prematurely aging or sounding like a relic from yesteryear.

Nostalgia then penetrates his perspective as Ghost reflects that “Impossible” from the Wu-Tang Forever album was the most challenging verse to pen. The student mentality that Ghostface possesses allows him the ability to adapt and improve as his career continues to evolve.