Grandmaster Jay Speaks In Letter Following Imprisonment

Grand master jay Grandmaster Jay

Grandmaster Jay has submitted a letter to talk to his followers. He was the leader of the world’s largest militia, the NFAC.

Grandmaster Jay, through his rep, sent the following to AllHipHop. The controversial leader of the NFAC was sentenced to 7 years and 2 months in prison after a jury found that he pointed a rifle at law officials at a formation in defense of Breonna Taylor.

Brothers and Sisters,

Children of The Most High Yahweh, Keepers of The Knowledge of The Past Great Great Civilization that has been and will be again. I bid you peace, unity, and love. The silence that you have been forced to endure by the removal of The Voice of Factz, The Power of Feeling, and The Moods of Morning Mentals is the testimony of the resilience and strength of you as a united threat to those who could not destroy you or replace you. The potential you possess was awakened by your unification all around the world by the teachings and the revelations revealed.

The greatest long-term threat to the mental prison you have been kept in for the last 5000 years is what I became and for that reason they imprisoned me Just as I said they would. But not before I planted the seeds of an entire generation of new kings, queens, philosophers, warriors, and proclaimers of The Truth. Like karma is a bill that must always be paid, these seeds will grow and produce walking talking fruit that will be knocking down doors 15-20 years from now. This is true. My impact on the children is well documented and I love you all my little ones. However, today I’m sending this message to all of
you to be encouraged. Every great leader, revolutionary, and prophet has sat where I sit now. People fear what they cannot understand but they fear what they can even more but everything in the earth realm is a temporary situation.

Even Life. So while I’m being kept here in the Lion’s Den, The Fiery Furnace, The Pit of Pain, do not fret. Leave the Pity Party. Do not take up residence in the Land of Defeat. Instead prepare your mind and use your 3rd Eye to look forward to the day I return. Look forward to the fruit of all the lessons and
labors of love coming your way. Look forward to the greatest celebration and unity formation the world has ever seen. Look forward to the day The Grand Master Jay returns.

Until then keep me alive in your hearts, minds, memories, and episodes of FOF, MM, MDM, interviews, articles, pics, and personal interactions in person and in the spirit. I’m always with you in Spirit and like the song says Someday We’ll Be Together. So keep your feet on the ground and your heads to the sky!

I love you all unconditionally! Shalom!

APTTMH! (All Praises To The Most High)

The GrandMaster Jay

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