Happy Birthday, Hip-Hop: Rocky Bucano Tells How The Universal Hip-Hop Museum Will Change The Game

Happy Birthday, Hip-Hop! The Universal Hip-Hop Museum is about to change the game!

Rocky Bucano is the Founder and Executive Director at Universal Hip Hop Museum. Rocky had a dream and that dream started many moons ago with a desire to create a brick-n-mortar structure that would tell Hip-Hop’s special, triumphant and revolutionary story.

In 2022, the structure is being built in The Bronx, where Hip-Hop began. Backed by a gumbo of support – from Microsoft to the city of New York to pioneers to fans – the Universal Hip Hop Museum is destined to be a fantastic structure when it launches in 2024. “I’ve been on this journey for 12 years now,” Rock states matter-of-factly. “It’s 12 years in the making. The beginning was tough, but now the enthusiasm is picking up. We’ve been doing things all around the country.”

There’s something to do as well, prior to the formal launch. At The Bronx Terminal, you can find the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop, “an interactive journey through history using artifacts, multimedia, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented technologies.” UHHM is celebrating the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, one of the most vibrant periods for the culture. Rocky Bucano and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talk about the efforts of the museum, some of the misconceptions, beefs with pioneers and his very interesting personal story.

For more information on the Universal Hip-Hop Museum or to donate to the cause, go to their website.