Happy Mother’s Day: Weird Moments With Moms And Hip-Hop


Moms have an … interesting relationship with rap, from beautiful odes like “Dear Mama” and “Dance” to the complete opposite in “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” Mother’s Day is here again, so we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the weirdest moments for moms in rap.

That Time Cam’Ron Let His Mom Rap

Dedications to mom are a commonplace now, but Killa Cam took it to the next level when he let his dear, lovely mother rap on his debut album in 1998. A wonderfully weird dedication to one of the realest, Fredericka Giles.

Crying Christian Mom Reads “Norf Norf” Lyrics

Parents hate on rap lyrics all the time, but this mom took it to new heights when she spent 11 minutes ranting about how Vince Staples is poisoning our youth. There would be nothing to see here if she hadn’t spent 5 minutes reading lyrics to the 3-minute track, perfectly peppering in uninformed social commentary, sobbing, and of course, a healthy dose of N-words.

And of course the internet blessed us with a remix, lining up the original Clams Casino beat with her painfully awkward reading.


Her Mom Is Cooler Than Yours

Of all the things moms are known for, being cool isn’t always one of them. But Kristen’s mom isn’t just cooler than your mom — she might be cooler than you. Upon boarding her flight and locating her seat, she realized she was sitting next to the one and only Rich Homie Quan. Naturally she had to snap a selfie, which both her and Quan texted to her daughter. Quan even explained to her that “My hitta, my hitta” (a text which she had sent to her daughter) was the censored version of his hook on YG’s “My N####.” LOL

Shout out to her mom for knowing who he was and giving her daughter a dope memory.


Somebody Get Farrah Abraham’s Mom

As fans of hip-hop, we’re subjected to a lot of cringe-worthy music from people who have no business behind a mic. That’s exactly what happened when Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s mom, aka DebzOG, launched a personal attack on our ears. It sounds like an even more antiquated and whitewashed version of a PG-13 movie rap. Imagine a parody of a rap song that’s meant to be taken 100% seriously — that’s what this is.

And if that’s not bad enough, she’s wearing a leather and fur outfit that makes 2007 Britney Spears look classy.

Eminem Cleans Out His Closet

Eminem spent his best years bashing his mom to Hades, but he flipped it suddenly on “Headlights” in 2014. The audio apology was so deep, it was odd. Hopefully, they have fixed their issues.

And, yes. That’s Ann Coulter, a mother f.