The Hindsight of Chaundon: From The Justice League To “The Jammington”


Known for his braggadocious lyrics and a spitting style that envelopes the eardrums as only a true Justice League superhero could, Chaundon proves that no matter what the Bronx native has going on, his ability to switch projects and roles quickly (and to rhyme without worries or repercussions) has enabled him to be on top of his game without exception.

Check out’s recent sit down with Chaundon: Thanks, Chaundon, for chopping it up with today! Can you talk to us about your current project? What’s its name, and who did you work with on it?

Chaundon: What up! The current project out right now is my new album, The Jammington, produced entirely by ATG, except for two tracks that I produced (The Gemstones “Hindsight” & “B##”). I wanted to show the world that I got beats, too, ya dig?

I also got the chance to work with some incredible people to make a timeless album, which includes the legendary Craig G., VonPea of Tanya Morgan, YC The Cynic, Brian Lamarr of Family Biz Ent., DJ Flash, and Skillz The DJ. What was the concept behind your project?

Chaundon: To be honest with you, there wasn’t a particular concept behind the album [laughter]. I just wanted to make an album with a bunch of jams, hence the title, The Jammington. ATG and I had been going back and forth for a few months figuring out the sound of the album before I ever thought about writing a song. Then I hopped on a plane back to NYC and went to ATG’s studio at 9 in the morning and started writing and recording the album, and a week later it was complete. And, shout to BL (Family Biz Entertainment) for mixing and mastering the album! Will there be any new videos to support The Jammington?

Chaundon: So far, I have two videos out. “Hindsight”, directed by me (The Gemstars)…

… and “Prosperity” featuring YC The Cynic and DJ Flash, directed by Alex Ghassan.

I have two more videos in the stash, “Skyline” featuring DJ Flash directed by Brandon Cooklin, and “Conviction” directed by Civil Productions, and they will be out soon! What has the release of your latest LP taught you about both the music industry and your place within it?

Chaundon: I don’t pay much attention to any of that. My only focus is to maintain my integrity and make timeless music that my fan base can listen to and pass on to others who have never heard of me. Is there anything that you learned about yourself during the last few months that surprised you?

Chaundon: I am surprised on how I am able to run a label, be an artist, an A&R, publicist, producer, director, and not crack under the weight of my own genius! [laughter] What message do you hope your fans are gaining from all of your recent projects? What lessons, if any, are your fans teaching you?

Chaundon: The message my fans are gaining from my recent projects is I am nicer than a lot of rappers, and I pick beats better than most. The lessons I am learning from my fans are to keep doing what I am doing and they will keep supporting me. Can you please give us five words to describe yourself as an artist?

Chaundon: 1. Dope 2. Consistent 3. Innovator 4. Lyricist 5. Timeless Lastly, in a perfect Hip-Hop world, who would you want to collaborate with?

Chaundon: To keep it real with you and all the readers, I have the perfect Hip-Hop world right now, and it keeps handing me unbelievable opportunities! Look at the the people I have worked with in the past. It is an amazing list of legends and up-and-coming legends. So, instead of me making a hypothetical list of people I want to work with, I want all of you to sit back and watch who I will be working with. I am experiencing an exciting journey, and my 13-year-old self is losing his mind because I have worked with artists I looked up to in the ’90s. How real is that!? How can the fans find you?

Chaundon: My fans and the new fans can find me on Twitter (@CHAUNDON @THEGEMSTONES @GOLDENERAMUSIC), on my webpage, on Skype (the realchaundon), and my album is on sale right now on iTunes.