“I Always Felt That I Was A Rich Dope Fiend.”


As one of the the founding, but understated members of the Hot Boyz, the group that blazed the trail for New Orleans and southern Hip-Hop in one stroke, there are plenty that would consider Turk a quiet legend. Quiet, because compared to his group mates BG, Juvie and Lil Wayne, Turk was the only one not to explode into solo success is a survivor. But that’ll happen when you go to prison for nine years after being involved in a shoot-out with the Memphis, Tennessee S.W.A.T. team as they raided his apartment. Unfortunately for Turk, he’s come home to nothing but controversy as the family he left has been torn apart by allegations of, mistrust, mud-slinging and missing money. Refusing to be denied, Turk sits with AHH’s MrMecc to discuss his his life in the present tense, including new family circles, lawsuits and regrets.