Ja Rule Letter #1 From Prison: Inside Rule


Today I can truly say I’ve been through it all. A young kid comes in today they put him in the 18 cell right next to mine he looked kinda depressed coming in but nothing out of the ordinary.

A few hours go past and all of a sudden I hear someone choking he’s trying to kill his self.

We all heard it everyone runs to their cell doors and start kicking, banging, calling the CO’s. Now I’ve seen a person get shot and I’ve even seen someone die from a drug overdose but this was different this was suicide. It was like I can hear the life leaving his body the CO’s rush in the cell they saved him.

I didn’t even think some s### like this was possible in these cells. He tied his bed sheet to a pole that’s attached to a sink, which is about 3 feet off the ground, made some sort of noose, wrapped it around his neck then threw himself forward into a boston crab carmel clutch type position.

I never understood why a person would wanna kill themselves life is love & love is living it’s gods most precious gift.

After they brought him back to his cell in the suicide suit, he cried for hours.

We tried to console him telling him it’s never that bad to wanna kill yourself. Turns out he just turned 18 and got a girlfriend, who is only 16.

Her parents pressed charges and now he’s locked up on sex offender charges.

He was in school for graphic arts to learn how to make video games. It’s sad cause he’s still a kid himself, a good kid at that and now he’ll be forever labeled rapist or sex offender, when really he’s probably just a kid in love.

Wow it’s crazy how 2 years can be so close but yet so far.

When your 18 & 16, it seems far because he’s now an adult and she’s still a teen, but when your 10 & 12 it’s cute and innocent and when your 18 & 20 nobody gives a f###.

It makes me think about Britt and her starting to date. I’m not gonna lie at 18 & 16 I’d be at a cross road too, but to ruin a young man’s life & stain his future is not right.

At 18 your legally an adult but your really still just a kid. I remember when I was 18, I thought I knew everything about life & living as I look back now as a 35-year-old man I realize I didn’t know s### LOL and I’m still learning & growing as a man.

Two years, that’s what separates me from my family right now and I look at it as short time, but yet when Ish told me that Britt’s acting partner was 17, I almost had a fit, even tho she’ll be 16 soon. I’m sure he’ll be 18 soon and BAM there it is crossroad LOL.

It’s funny how God puts situations in front of you so you can see it clearly. I trust Britt I know me & Ish raised her well, besides she hates Kids LOL.

But I also know the intentions of a young man. I got my eyes on you lil homie. Don’t m########### back to this motherfu**er!