Jacki-O: Nature’s Rising

Jacki-O isn’t insulted by the comparisons to some of her raunchy peers. In fact, the chocolate mami takes it all as a compliment. Regardless of the persistent chit chat, Jacki-O has already established herself as a formidable competitor for the vacant female rap crown. Her song “Nookie,” managed to get folks in an uproar and […]

Jacki-O isn’t insulted by the comparisons to

some of her raunchy peers. In fact, the chocolate mami takes it all as a compliment.

Regardless of the persistent chit chat, Jacki-O

has already established herself as a formidable competitor for the vacant female

rap crown. Her song “Nookie,” managed to get folks in an uproar and

anticipate the next song all at the same time.

The next songs, “Sugar Walls” and "Slow

Down," are certain to cause another stir that will set up her debut album

Poe Little Rich Girl.

With super producers like Jazze Pha and Timbaland

and backed by Poe Boy Records, this vixen oozes sexuality the way others breath.

We talk to Jacki-O in order to assess this sensuality

and determine exactly how good the “Nookie” is.

AllHipHop.com: So Jackie can speak about you

in general? For people who may not know who is Jacki-O?

Jacki-O: Umm…I was born and raised in Miami,

I been serious about my music for three years now. I’ve worked with a lot of

different producers like Cool and Dre, Betty Wright. She’s not a producer she’s

actually an artist, but she’s on my album, Trick Daddy is on my album. I have

been out here making my music and just writing. I started my music through my

poetry from writing in Junior High school. It just stuck with me from writing,

producing, singing…I guess you could say I’m multi-talented.

AllHipHop.com: So what does the album title "Poe

Little Rich Girl" mean?

J: "Poe Little Rich Girl" actually

means I was born in what most people would call poverty, I’m from Liberty City,

which is like a poor part of Miami. But I’m rich in spirit. We survived off

of what we had and my mama always taught us to share. Our house was like an

open house to anyone who was less fortunate than we were. I chose that title

"Poe Little Rich Girl" because it pretty much sums up my life and

me so…

AllHipHop.com: Can you speak on the content of

your music? There’s a lot of controversy going on especially after the first

single and the name of it.

J: There’s a lot of controversy over the first

single, more than people actually know, which is titled "P####" which

is the street version, but the radio version was titled "Nookie."

That was pretty much the whole lyrical content of the song. There was a lot

of controversy over the song. Some people took it for something else that I

didn’t mean it to be. I wanted to do something that was fun and shocking but

something that would get people’s attention, but with class. To me there was

nothing wrong with the song. But I was really letting girls and guys know that

it’s good to be a woman and love yourself and its precious; your body’s precious

so…there was a lot of controversy over that song. My video didn’t get played

but I made a lot of money off of that song, did a lot of shows so it isn’t all


AllHipHop.com: Looking at some of the lyrics…for

example you said here "Your mama says I’m no good, but what she don’t know

is I got you nookie whooped." Is it that good? You say Moms don’t like

you and cops don’t give you tickets.

J: Say for instance…a lot of girls are always

going through something with the man’s mom. Men are moms babies. It’s hard to

get into a relationship with a man when his mom is always there. As far as the

police are concerned, if you’re a women you can basically talk yourself out

of anything. There isn’t no way the police pull me over and I can’t get out

of it by talking my way out.

AllHipHop.com: Right. What’s the deal with people

calling you Miami’s new rap queen?

J: People in the game have called me that. People

like Freeway, Jay-Z, people actually from their own words, saying I’m the new

Queen of the South, seeing that I am a new comer, I just stepped out of the

gate. They not only heard "Nookie" a lot of people were like "oh

she can’t rap." They got it twisted when they heard "Nookie"

but now they’ve heard new stuff like, "Slow Down," which is a Timbaland

produced track. They’re seeing that I have skills and I’m a writer and an actress.

We have the movie " Other side of the Bridge" which is with Dennis

Rodman. When the album comes out they’re seeing this aint no gimmick this is


AllHipHop.com: We heard a lot of rumors up here

this so called queen of Miami caused some problems with Trina. Is this true

or is this just a rumor? That something happened at a club and yall had some

sort of friction or whatever.

J: You know what? I know what your talking about.

Your talking about when this lady from a radio station in Alabama interviewed

me and she asked me the same thing. I’m like "no I hardly ever see that

girl. We’re from the same city." I’m not a party animal. I don’t go out

unless I have a show. I’m not a club person. I hardly ever see her and when

I do see her we talk then go about our business. There is no beef. Even if there

was, I’m going for mine. I know what I came to do in the industry and its not

to cause trouble, beef or anything.

AllHipHop.com: What’s up with you and the Poe

Boy crew? I’ve heard that name a lot in this year especially when I go down

to Miami. The Source seems to know yall very well. What’s the deal with the

whole movement yall got going on?

J: Poe Boy has been in business for like 5 years

and we’ve really just been trying to be heard. We got a lot of artists and we

really were just grinding trying to get deals and trying to be on every scene,

anywhere whether it was all-star weekend in Atlanta or wherever it is, we out

there trying to promote the artist and the company, just trying to be heard.

We recently got a distribution deal with Warner Bros. which is going to push

my album "Poe Little Rich Girl" March 30th.

AllHipHop.com: And you have a second single coming


J: The second single the one that Timbaland did.

It’s called "Slow Down." We have a street single called "Sugar

Wall" which is a Red Spyder track that’s been really in heavy rotation

by all the DJ’s in the club. We got a lot of songs out there.

AllHipHop.com: What do you say to the critics

that say her lyrics have too much sex,?

J: They haven’t heard the album. They said that

about "Nookie." I got compared to everybody from Khia to Trina to people

I never even heard. And then now they got to take they foot out they mouths.

Its cool to let people think of you some sort of way when I know different.

I have sexual songs, some of my songs are because I am a female, I love to be

sexy and incorporate that into my music and my fans know too. I don’t only have

male fans I have female fans and females like sexy songs and they like to dance

to sexy tracks. It doesn’t bother me because I know I have lyrical skills and

I have writing skills so if they just take the negative, they just missing out.

AllHipHop.com: Do you write your own rhymes?

J: Not only my own, but I also ghost write R&B


AllHipHop.com: A lot of people think the female

artist is just the front and there are a bunch of dudes writing for them.

J: No. it’s not a gimmick. I know a lot of females

are sort of pushed out there like that. It’s the total opposite with me, I have

to be involved with what I’m doing. I have to use my mind or I’ll feel useless,

I’ve always been independent. I got to be the one controlling it. I can’t have

someone writing something for me and its not me. I’m not saying I’ll never do

that, but up until now no.

AllHipHop.com: Have your ever consider modeling?

I saw you in an ad. I think for a jeans company. I was like she would make a

good model. Have you ever thought of that?

J: No. But it’s funny you mention that. Azure

has put me as the top model for their campaign. Someone has told me I have a

big billboard in Harlem for Indigo Red, but…that’s something I may consider.

AllHipHop.com: You have a lot of tattoos, What

kinds do you have?

J: They’re all angels. Maybe because my real

name is Angel. That’s not really because of that, but I just like angels because

I feel they protect us. If I was to put anything on me it would be something

of the biblical form.

AllHipHop.com: Did you go to church a lot?

J: We had to go to church on Sunday, you better

had not skipped Sunday school.

AllHipHop.com: How does your family feel about

your success?

J: My family is very supportive. As for friends,

I lost a couple of them but its like you lose friends but you gain some as well.

AllHipHop.com: Do you have anybody else coming

out from Po’ Boy?

J: Brisco is coming out with his album called

"Street Medicine" and Rodney is coming out with his self-titled album.

AllHipHop.com: For all the fellas out here are

you taken or are you single?

J: I am very much single and as of now I want

to stay that way, because I want to be totally focused on my music. A lot of

times we get into relationships with people and they don’t really understand

the love and passion that you have for your music and they feel intimidated.

You wind up spending more time with that person rather than what you should

be doing, which is music.

AllHipHop.com: Any final words?

J: It isn’t easy. Especially people who want

to get into music. It don’t happen overnight and people aren’t going to take

yourself serious if you don’t. Don’t listen to the word no, people been telling

me no since I started working and I don’t listen to that. I’m the type of person

if you tell me there’s a locked door, I’m going to find another way to get in.

I just want to tell my fans that.