Jaz The Rapper Talks Geechi Gotti Battle, Chrome 23, Being A Young OG, The Pressures Of Battle Rap

Jaz The Rapper

Jaz The Rapper is one of the most attractive emcees in battle rap. She talks about Geechi Gotti, Remy Ma’s Chrome 23 and being Pressured.

Slowly but surely, battle rap is becoming more and more mainstream. As the men have been better, so have the women of battle rap match each step.

One of the OGs, Jaz The Rapper pulls up on AllHipHop to tell us how far she has come. Hailing from Brooklyn, Jaz links with Slops to discuss how she got started in battle rap. Now almost a decade in, she explains to Slops the pressures of having to tighten up before battle mode.

Jaz adresses the lack of music. Of course, we talk about who she think won in her battle with Geechie Gotti, and why she hasn’t been on Chrome 23 card with Remy Ma yet.