Jus Dizle: Paris’ Champion DJ

Just Dizle, aka Le Champion, is one of the most sought after DJ’s hailing out of France. I had the pleasure of witnessing this first-hand as the spin doctor manned the wheels of steel at a recent party for industry staple Patty Laurent. With a crowd of insiders and celebrities, the self proclaimed outsider rocked […]

Just Dizle, aka Le Champion, is one of the most sought after DJ’s hailing out of France. I had the pleasure of witnessing this first-hand as the spin doctor manned the wheels of steel at a recent party for industry staple Patty Laurent. With a crowd of insiders and celebrities, the self proclaimed outsider rocked the crowd like it was as unground sweat box in his native Paris.

Rocking parties is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just Dizle’s domination strategy includes spreading his brand across the world to go along with his strength in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, the UK, Canada and the States. He’s been on BET’s Rap City and also hosts a daily show on AllHipHop Radio.

He’s a gladiator for Hip-Hop that does not believe in taking prisoners. AllHipHop.com: Tell me about the state of Hip-Hop in France and specifically Paris.Just Dizle: Man, Hip-Hop here is extremely big, the movement is really on and popping over here, from the artists, the clubs, the dance scene, even American Hip-Hop acts stay here every week, Paris is the second marker [for Hip-Hop] after the USA -as a city not a country just to tell you how big it is.AllHipHop.com: What is the state of the DJ in your opinion?Just Dizle: It’s bad real bad -Michael Jackson [laughs]…I miss the days where the DJ’s were really digging, mixing, blending, cutting, like you would go to the club or listen to the radio just to escape, discover new music, rediscover old music, I mean the DJ’s would take you to a journey, now DJ’s are cyborgs or human ipods – no disrespect – but shouts out to the real…AllHipHop.com: How would you characterize yourself as a DJ?Just Dizle: I’m all about good music, I don’t have restriction of genres, era etc…I’m always attracted to the risk, I like to try new things, man…”I love you, music, I want everybody to know it. Once I touch the turntables, just to know that somewhere somebody will forget his problem just by listening to one of mixes keeps me going.AllHipHop.com: How were you as a child and what got you interested in Hip-Hop?Just Dizle: I was surrounded by music, playing several instruments, almost my whole family was into music, musicians, singers and all that, my dad got me interested in Hip-Hop. I mean i couldn’t escape, from the music videos, to basketball, it was everywhere I became the music carrier in my school.AllHipHop.com: Who did you admire growing up?Just Dizle: DJ Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson and Wolverine (super hero)…. I know… [Laughs]AllHipHop.com: People also may realize that you spin for AllHipHop Radio too. How has internet Radio helped further your career?Just Dizle: It gave me a big push, ’cause I’ve always been into technology, it helped me reach a bigger audience, the internet is so powerful. I could be deejaying live from a club in Paris and share the link, then a promoter from New York would be watching live and book me for a gig in the big apple, that’s one example amongst many.

AllHipHop.com: How does the internet compare to the many TV, radio and live appearances that you’ve made?Just Dizle: The biggest difference to me is that I have more control over the internet and less limitations than TV, radio and live appearancesAllHipHop.com: Where does the DJ fit into Hip-Hop now?Just Dizle: I almost feel like the DJ doesn’t fit nowhere, look at all the performances on TV for example, the DJ is in the background doing nothing. Just pressing play, no cuts no juggle, no nothing, just screaming, I’d rather see a performance without a DJ than that. That’s sad. DJs need to collaborate with artists like they used to and vice versa. I noticed in the States, DJ’s are even forced to play some records. I mean, they cant even break records anymore? But I keep on grinding, because I know its a lot of DJ’s out there that still have they same motivation and passion that i have, and real soon, the horoscope will be really bad for the ones disrespectful to the culture.AllHipHop.com: Can you speak on some of the mixtape things you have going on?Just Dizle: Man, I don’t even know where to start, I just finished two mixtapes with two big french artists, I’m about to release a series of mixtapes in the states called “Style De Vie”, watch out for those series, you will never know where I’m gonna take you, also everyweek i feed the streets with tons of mixes on my podcast, http://tinyurl.com/justdizlepodcast spread the word.AllHipHop.com: You have been to the U.S. a lot. How have the rappers and DJ’s in the States treated you?Just Dizle: They treat me really good…mostly, the DJ’s are skeptic of course, because they are really not aware of what’s going on outside of the States, so its gift and a curse. More a gift though, because I have no limitations, I’m outside looking in, so my vision and approach is different, most of the times they are surprised.AllHipHop.com: Has anybody thrown you shade or dissed you for being from Paris?Just Dizle: Yes, at APT four years. I had breads, a white Tshirt on, and blue jeans, this guy had the nerve to tell me, I’m “trying to be too American, I should just stick to skinny jeans, frogs and french fries.” He had a Girbaud shirt (French designer) on with Adidas sneakers…with french brands by the way. Of course I had to let him know, he got emotional and left.AllHipHop.com: Give you Top 5 DJ’s of all time.Just Dizle: In no particular order, DJ PremierDJ Jazzy JeffDee NastyDJ CrazeDJ PoneAllHipHop.com: Give us your Top 5 Keys to rocking a party.Just Dizle:  Here they are:- Read the crowd

– Please the crowd then take them wherever you want to (almost treat them like women)- Be versatile, surprise the crowd- Don’t over talk or over-scratch, let the music play – Play the right songs at the right timeAllHipHop.com: Give us 5 Paris or French artists Americans should look out for.Just Dizle: In no order:James IzmadDJ Baba FlexDJ Lord IssaBoobaSexion D’assautAllHipHop.com: Who are the Top 5 American Hip-Hip acts in Paris?

Just Dizle: Again, in no order:

Jay-ZJ-Dilla (R.i.P)Lil WayneNasPrimoAllHipHop.com: Where can people find you online?Just Dizle: People can find me on my podcast: http://tinyurl.com/justdizlepodcast or on Twitter http://twitter.com/justdizle. They can also catch me on Facebook: Just Dizle and last but not least on AllHipHop Radio where I have a show, everyday of the week at 2PM called G.U.R.T MuzikAllHipHop.com: Anything else?Just Dizle: Keep doing everything you do for Hip-Hop, keep the culture alive, let’s make our pionneers proud, let’s keep this movement going forward, that’s all we got, shouts out to Lynden,Vito, Patty, Kiz, Fanny, Issa, BBG and off course the whole AllHipHop.com team.AllHipHop.com: Thank you, sir.