Kanye West Wants to Invest in Black Media

Ye desires to elevate the culture and focus only on the future!

Photo Credit: Hesham Abdo

Kanye West and Jason Lee joined forces to bring 50 Black journalists together to discuss reclaiming the narrative, disparities in Black media, and the importance of ownership at Ye’s ‘The Future Brunch.’

Ye expressed his desire to create a movement rather than a moment when elevating the culture, having equity, and telling Black stories. 

West expressed that he only wanted to look forward not backwards, hence the ‘The Future Brunch’ title. He also shared his desire to invest in Black media.

“Me and Virgil believed in black design,” said Ye. “Now we need to invest in Black media.”

Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee and Meta’s Michelle Mitchell opened the floor to discuss breaking the barriers in media, cancelling cancel culture, and ensuring Black voices are humanized when our stories are told.

Following the conversation, Kanye’s Sunday Service performed for those in attendance.