Kool G Rap: Valentine’s Day Massacre

Hip-Hop heads might be more likely to seek love advice from Common or LL Cool J before they asked… Kool G Rap? However, G Rap may be as poised to speak on the matter as any. Having founded his career on raunchy raps like “Talk Like Sex” and “Operation CB”, Kool G Rap tickled the […]

Hip-Hop heads might be more likely to seek love advice from Common or LL Cool J before they asked… Kool G Rap? However, G Rap may be as poised to speak on the matter as any. Having founded his career on raunchy raps like “Talk Like Sex” and “Operation CB”, Kool G Rap tickled the ears of many adolescents as his flow bounced like a stray bullet. Five years later, an older, wiser G Rap released the street epic trilogy, “A Thug’s Love”, tracing a dedicated union, immersed in crime.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, AllHipHop.com presents a very untypical conversation with the Queens legend himself. Kool G Rap offers insight into both his rhymes about dimes, and love as we know it. This is our gift to young lovers, old lovers, and anybody between. G Rap has been teaching MC’s how to rhyme for years, so pay attention as the Don sheds light on the L-word…

AllHipHop.com: You’re so cold, and yet you seem to wear your heart on your sleeve. I look at a song like, “F**k U Man”, one of my favorite records, and it’s just cold. But at the same time, I could picture you helping my grandmother across the street…

Kool G Rap: [Laughs]. Yeah, I’m the type of person [where] I do help other people. I got a good heart.

AllHipHop.com: But when you wrote “F**k U Man”, “Talk Like Sex”, and “Break a B*tch Neck” were you writing out of revenge of a broken heart, or just on some slick s**t?

Kool G Rap: I was just writing to have fun with it when I wrote, “Talk Like Sex”. That’s just things that go through a man’s mind: money, the glamour, sex.

AllHipHop.com: I speak from experience here. When today’s Hip-Hop lover catches ugly feelings, a G Rap album or a Ghostface album. That apathetic attitude speaks to these young men sometimes…

Kool G Rap: Right. Right.

AllHipHop.com: That said, do you ever really catch feelings in any of your writing?

Kool G Rap: I mean…it might’ve times where I might’ve wrote because of personal feelings. For the most part of it, it was actually just sittin’ there, bein’ creative. Because I’m not a person who brings too much of my personal [life] out to the open. Or, I’m the type of person too, where I try to let nothing affect me to the point where it’s just so overwhelming that I have to sit down and write a song, or do something to pay this person back. I try not to let nobody affect me to that point.

AllHipHop.com: It’s interesting that you say you can’t be personal. Eminem, Joe Budden, Masta Ace, they all are extremely personal. You haven’t been. Why is that?

Kool G Rap: Because through rap or not, I’m not a person that puts his business in the streets. If I never rapped in my life, know – I’m not a dude like that. People don’t mind, nahmean? I’m not a gossipy person either.

AllHipHop.com: Maybe you offer this advice to your group now, but what advice would you offer to young rappers, as far as groupies?

Kool G Rap: [laughs] Find somethin’ better to do, bottom line.

AllHipHop.com: Avoid them at all costs?

Kool G Rap: I mean, a new artist is gonna go through that. I think there’s certain things you gotta get outta your system. There’s different things you gotta learn in life – different experiences. Wise people, when they get older, they mature – at least, they should. So, I’m not into the groupie thing and all that right now. At one point, I was. It was fun. I got different interests now. [laughs]

AllHipHop.com: You love movies, as do I. In A Bronx Tale, there’s that scene were Sonny tells C about the car lock. If the woman unlocks his door, she’s a keeper. I wanted to ask you, according to G Rap, when is she a ‘keeper’?

Kool G Rap: When is she a keeper? I think it goes way beyond the f**kin’ door knob, that’s for sure. [laughs] I think that’s something that only time tells. I mean, ‘cause she could be picture-perfect for three, four, five years, and then stupid s**t happens. I think if you can pass the ten-year mark with somebody, you can basically spend the rest of your life with that person.

AllHipHop.com: So you believe in the soul-mate?

Kool G Rap: Yeah, I do. And you know what? It don’t even have to go so far as being soul-mates like, “Oh, this was destined to happen.” This is just something to do with two people, just bein’ best friends, at the end of the day. Not your wife. Not your husband. Not your girl or your boyfriend. That’s my best friend. When it’s like that, and for real for real, that’s a person you can be with forever. Best friends are always gonna work any kinda problems out. Because, if you’re with any person for a long period of time, s**t is gonna happen. It’s like people that been together for 40-50 years, you look at them with admiration for bein’ together that long, but those people’ll tell you, they been through some s**t! [laughs]

AllHipHop.com: As the saying goes…at Coney Island, people like the rollercoaster a whole lot more than they like the carousel.

Kool G Rap: Yupp! Exactly. That’s the s**t that you get in a long term relationship: be in love, fall out of love, fall back in love. That s**t can happen, and that s**t do happen when you’re with somebody for that long period of time.

AllHipHop.com: I really appreciate the candor. But at the end of the day, I gotta say, one of my favorite lines will forever be: “Come on you b*tches, don’t make me laugh / You couldn’t deep-throat G Rap if you was a motherf**kin’ giraffe.” Classic material.

Kool G Rap: [ten seconds of laughter] Good lookin’, my man!

Kool G Rap and DJ Whoo-Kid “Dead Or Alive” mixtape is out now, as well KoolGRapSite.com.