Legendary Rapper KRS-One Has An Ingenious Way To Perform In The Pandemic


KRS-One gives his pandemic performance plan…and empowers his Hip-Hop cohorts.

KRS-One remains one of the most powerful, lyrical and thought provoking rappers ever, not to mention dopest. The Teacha, as he is known by millions, is also known for his incredible, energetic performances. His seminal albums with Boogie Down Productions like Criminal Minded and By All Means as well as solo efforts such as I Got Next and Return of the Boom Bap are a miniature look at his tour of duty in Hip-Hop. He recently released, Between Da Protests, which is available on all platforms.

KRS is also dealing with the ramifications of the International Covid-19 pandemic that has prevented touring and performing in front of audiences, but is moving forward.

Despite the odds, and innumerable struggling industries, the Bronx-bred rapper-slash-philosopher has a master plan to resume performing safely in 2021, pandemic aside.

“This is not a time for us to stop thinking. This is a thinking time. This is an intellectual time. You get challenges, not to shirk from them, but to rise to them. I’m going to star touring, around May/June. Of course, we respect that mask and we respect that social distancing. And, if you are up to getting this vaccine, go ahead and get your vaccine. Do whatever you can do to protect yourself from disease and sickness.”

He continued.

“Spend some money on a broadcast machine…a broadcast module. Some are as low as $250 and go up as high as $3000 based on how far you want to broadcast. Think about a drive-in [movie] theater. You pull your car up, you tune in to a certain station and get to hear the movie through the car. Now, apply this to your live performance.”

KRS explained the differences between the various modules, stating that performers actually don’t want a device the broadcasts too far out or unintentionally give away their show for free.

“You can hear me perform on stage but the bulk of the music is gonna come through your car,” he explained. “In compliance with the state…you’re safe, you’re social distanced.”

He said new times call for new ways of engaging with audiences.

“It’s going to be a car tour. Instead of ‘Say Hooooo,’ I am going to say ‘Honk your horn, flash your lights, KRS-One’s about to rock the mic,” the Blast Master said happily.

Check out KRS-One’s plans and how it may be a standard for safe partying at concerts in the future.

We’ll offer more tour details as they become available.

In the meantime, head over to KRS-One.com for his numerous products.