Lil Kim Talks Upcoming Song With Iggy Azalea, Motherhood + MORE (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) If someone told you 15 years ago that Lil Kim would be a mother who does not give a f*ck you would probably have said “Duh!” In a recent interview, the new mother speaks on her recently released mixtape Hardcore 2k14, an upcoming song with Iggy Azaela and T.I and more.

In her interview with Revolt TV, Lil Kim recollected on her career and stated that one of her favorite accomplishments are the number of up and coming artists who list her as an inspiration musically. Keeping on the topic of up and coming female artists, Kim praised Iggy Azaela for her realness and revealed an upcoming collaboration between the two:

[Iggy] and I working together. Her, I and T.I. are actually doing a track together. I don’t know if it’s going to be for my album or if we’re just going to…we have other plans for it as well. But, I think we’re going to do a double release.

Lil Kim released Hardcore 2k14 yesterday (September 11th) but was scheduled to originally be released on November 29th, 2013 under the title Hardcore 2k13. Kim admits that motherhood has made her “not give a f*ck” as now everything she does is solely for her three month old daughter Royal Reign. Her daughter was affecting her music before she was even born:

When this project was supposed to come out I had got pregnant. I didn’t know. I waws just moving and working and sutff. Once I became fully pregnant, I was working in the studio but at one point I couldn’t work anymore, obviously.

Check out the full interview here.