Master P’s First Achievements Is An Impressive List

How Many “First” Did Master P Do?

Sometimes when you look at our current moguls, you forget how they got to where they are today. I was following Master P around at The Plaza in NYC as FOX 5 breaks down their set after their hour long interview. As I looked on and heard Master P respond to a question as “the first Hip-Hop artist to sign a sports player.” If you forgot, Master P’s No Limit Sports signed University of Texas, Ricky Williams, to NFL’s New Orleans Saints in 1998. I remember that deal, and I was couldn’t believe that Hip-Hop jumped into the NFL, that was a major deal.

This got me thinking. Master P had a lot of “firsts” in the Hip-Hop gene of music. Who was doing the cult classic hood movies like P with I’m Bout It. Not only did he star in the flick, he directed, produced and Executive Produced the film. That has to be a Hip-Hop first. So I get to thinking some more, what more “firsts” did P achieve? Record deal, TV Shows (currently first to have the biggest ratings in Reelz Network history), movies, clothing, Billboard charts and that’s just a start.

Well, Master  and his No Limit co owner Boz, run down this and many more “first” from a Hip-Hop mogul and legend.I think you’ll be pretty amazed at what Master P has contributed to our culture.