Math Hoffa Can’t Lose With New Battle Rap Venture “Legends Only”

Math Hoffa breaks down the details of his new venture “Legends Only”

Method Man might be the host of SMACK/ URL’s Ultimate Madness 2, but not even the battle rap OG could get him in the ring.

It took another icon in the culture to lure the emcee out of battle rap retirement and get him to take the stage in the modern era of the sport. Who might be the wizard that has opened the door for one of Hip-Hop’s most treasured emcees? 

Math Hoffa, that’s who!

The rapper turned mogul has created a new venture, Legends Only amid COVID2020 that is sure to be as transformative as his talk show, “My Expert Opinion.”

Not really a league, but an experience, Legends Only will connect high-level commercial rappers with a comparable battle rapper to give fans a show that they will never forget about. connected with Math to talk about the series and he was more than willing to breakdown the deets on this inaugural contest between him and Tical.

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AllHipHop: Where did this concept originate?

Math Hoffa: I created this concept years ago. The 1st battle was supposed to be me & another battler but we got sidetracked with life and other business situations. Every now and then it would come to mind and I would be like yo! I need to finish this. Fortunately, 2020 had the now or never effect on me.

AllHipHop: How hard was it to get Method Man connected?

Math Hoffa: Meth is the big bro and you can tell by his career he has never had a problem with stepping outside the box. In fact, you can also attribute his continued success to that mindset. I told him what I wanted to do and he said “yes!” right away. It was almost like he saw the same vision I had. So shout to Meth!

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AllHipHop: What is different about this battle concept than what others are doing?

Math Hoffa: It’s not just the battle, it’s not just who’s battling, it’s the overall vibe. It’s art. It’s more than just… You’d have to see it. I’m proud of myself.

AllHipHop: Who beat you or Method Man?

Math Hoffa: You have to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get those details. If you hit the notification bell, you can instantly get the alert when it drops and judge for yourself. That’s the beauty of battle rap, you get to judge the outcome for yourself. This will be the highest form of a rap artist’s expression … period. 

So in that competition takes a backseat to excellence and two emcees with the desire of being “legendary” hence the name. This is the dream come true and a league that we have been waiting for! As a legend in the culture, and a fan of hip-hop, there’s no way to lose. I can’t lose as a businessman. Fans can’t lose as viewers. We all win. It is just that beautiful.