Meet Metro Marrs: The Youngest Artist Signed To Quality Control

Metro Marrs

Metro Marrs talks about his roots in Atlanta, his biggest influences, how Metro Boomin inspired his name getting arrested at his high school graduation, and more!

Metro Marrs is the Popular Loner… also the youngest artist to sign with Quality Control.

Hailing from Atlanta, the 18-year-old singer, songwriter, and rapper stands out with his detailed cadencies and captivating melodies, garnering major buzz while attracting the elites of the music industry. Now, Since The 80s, Quality Control, and Playbook Records conjoin to take Marrs under their wings.

With the recent release of his critically-acclaimed mixtape titled Popular Loner, it’s wild to think Metro is a teenager who just graduated high school. Growing up in a musical household, a young Metro Marrs frequented the studio at the young age of 5, laying down the foundation for his artistry to evolve and thrive.

Popular Loner is spearheaded by lead single “Prosper,” laced with braggadocious bars of Metro talking his s### about himself and his crew, The Loners. The visual comes full circle, as he’s seen bringing the record to life in a church, while preaching success. Additionally, they attempted to arrest Metro Marrs at his own high school graduation for giving away $10K in cash to his peers.

Metro Marrs
Metro Marrs Photo Credit: Shamaal Bloodman

AllHipHop: How does it feel to be so young and signed to one of the most poppin’ rap labels of our generation?

Metro Marrs: It’s good, it’s a good feeling. It keeps me going. I have a long way to go though, I’m trying to pass everybody. It’s a good feeling for real.

AllHipHop: How was it growing up in Atlanta?

Metro Marrs: The household was mad kids, I was around a lot of kids. My grandma used to watch and babysit a lot of kids. We were always writing music, it’s damn near in my DNA. Going to the studio with my dad, he was signed to Redstone Studios with The Dream and them. My dad signed to them at 17, that’s when he had me so I’ve always been in the loop. My childhood was not really a regular childhood. I met my managers at a young age too, at 4 years old. I met Blake when I was 4, I was making music with my dad.

AllHipHop: Who were you listening to coming up?

Metro Marrs: Juice WRLD, XXX, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott. I listened to Fetty Wap. When he first came out, I was probably in 5th grade. That s### was hard. [starts singing Fetty Wap]

AllHipHop: At what point did you realize you could do music for living?

Metro Marrs: I always had manifestation: this is what I’ma do. I don’t want to do anything else. I’ma put my mind into music, focus on music. Nothing else gon’ stop me. Really putting my mind and manifesting. I really started recording for real in ninth grade.

AllHipHop: Did you know what you were doing?

Metro Marrs: Yeah, we’d be right here in the same spot recording music. [shows home studio] I was on SoundCloud dropping, trying to see what people would think.

AllHipHop: What was the inspiration behind your name?

Metro Marrs: Shout out Metro Boomin. Before I found out my name, I used to always listen to Metro Boomin and his collab song with 21 Savage called “No Heart.” “Young savage, why you trappin’ so hard?” That production was crazy, I thought “yo this n*gga hard as f###. He influenced my name, put the Metro on it. Shout out Metro Boomin, there’s only two Metro’s.

AllHipHop: Have y’all tapped in?

Metro Marrs: No we haven’t yet, but it’s going to come. Facts.

AllHipHop: Popular Loner mixtape out now, how are you feeling?

Metro Marrs: I feel good, Popular Loner going crazy right now. My favorite song on there is called “Live It Up,” go check it out.

AllHipHop: Why do you like that one?

Metro Marrs: When you hear the beat, it hits your soul differently. It’s a vibe, When I recorded it, it was off the dome. I said “oh yeah, that’s the one.” Everyone said “oh yeah, this him. That’s a hit right there!” Shout out SuperMiles he produced it.

AllHipHop: What were you going through recording “Prosper”?

Metro Marrs: That was off the dome. When I heard the beat, it sounded so big. I said “okay, I need to get people hypnotized to this song. PROSPER! I needed to rage on the song. This some rage type s###.” That really just happened: “Prosper, I shall prosper.” It just came out, I don’t even know how to explain it. We recorded that and played that s### out loud, that s### was crazy.

AllHipHop: Best memory from the video shoot?

Metro Marrs: The best memory was when everyone was in church with their Loner shirts on. Shout out The Loners, we all one. That’s my fanbase. It felt good seeing the movement growing and progressing daily. Big things coming, more crazy visuals on the way. The best part was everyone in the church getting lit.

AllHipHop: Why are you the Popular Loner? What does that mean?

Metro Marrs: That means staying out the way, not really getting into all the b#######. Trying to make a way, trying to make it out. It’s okay to be alone, you don’t have to f### with everybody. You can stay in your lane, do what you want to do. In high school, I really wasn’t in the mix for real. I wouldn’t go to any high school games, Homecoming or none of that. I’d be at the house recording, developing my sound. Popular Loner is the definition of me forreal. Whoever else out there feels like they want to be a part of the movement can join The Loners, no cap.

AllHipHop: Why no features?

Metro Marrs: I didn’t want any features on the first tape. I want people to hear me out, they can’t say I came in the game with features. I want to step on them for real, without features. They gon’ come, facts.

AllHipHop: Have you been working with anyone?

Metro Marrs: Not really. I’ve been recording by myself with the gang, my producers, and my team. It’ll be features on the album. I almost forgot, you know this artist named NJOMZA? She put me on her project. We did a song together called “Little To A Lot.”

AllHipHop: How did that happen?

Metro Marrs: She was in the studio, I pulled up on her. It was me, this producer named ATL Grandma, and her. She did a hook, the verse, I hopped on the verse and that s### was fire. She put it on her project.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

Metro Marrs: I need people around me. I don’t know why, I like to see people‘s reactions. I need Powerade, and Voodoo Chips. Those bussin’, I just put you on.

AllHipHop: How did it feel to be arrested for giving away $10K in cash at your graduation?!

Metro Marrs: That s### was lame they tried to arrest me. It was cool, everyone’s chanting “let him go! Let him go!” Hearing that, people were really f###### with me. It was crazy how that happened. I didn’t expect them to arrest me, but you know people be hating. It’s all good.

AllHipHop: How did that night play out for you?

Metro Marrs: I was in the studio with SpotemGottem, we did a song at the QC studio. It was me, SpotemGottem, Wavy Navy Pooh who’s also signed to QC. We’re all in the studio. It was cool in that b####, we didn’t leave until 6am. We were geeked up all night. I had a lil party there at first, then we started to record.

AllHipHop: What was the vibe with Spotem?

Metro Marrs: The vibe was crazy, we made some hard s###. I had my own sauce on it, he put his own sauce on it too. It’s a mixture of both, that s###’s crazy. I’m on the hook, he’s on the verse.

AllHipHop: You gave away money to your classmates out of love. Talk about partnering with Cash App to give another $10K.

Metro Marrs: $10K Rodney Dave fund scholarship, that’s what the scholarship is called. Loner Foundation gives $10K to the valedictorian and salutatorian. With the money, they can do what they want. They can pay their tuition, buy laptops. Do whatever they need for college, buy books, all that good stuff. Even buy a car, whatever they need in life forreal.

AllHipHop: Where does your desire to give back come from?

Metro Marrs: I got a good heart, for real. I’m cool person with a good heart, who wants to give back. I’ve been blessed since a young age. The people who helped me, I wanted to give back. Facts, there’s a lot of them.

AllHipHop: Being only 18, what do you like to do for fun?

Metro Marrs: I’ll play basketball every now and then, play the game sometimes. Mainly, I record in the studio and tell people to pull up. On God, I be in the studio. Pull up. Come to my world, I’m not coming out. No! [laughs]

AllHipHop: Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

Metro Marrs: Hell yeah, I have a lot of goals. I want to do my own tour, that’s one of my goals. That s###’s gonna be crazy: travel the world, tour overseas. Just get bigger and bigger.

AllHipHop: Anything else you’d like to let the people know?

Metro Marrs: Tune in and follow me on Instagram at Metro Marrs. I’m hard and I make hard music. We going up, big QC. I have a Jambalaya in September, get your tickets. No cap, we’re gonna rock out.