Mickey Factz Uncensored: Talks Royce Da 5′ 9″ Situation, His Creative Process, And Lupe Fiasco!

Mickey Factz

Mickey Factz is many things, emcees being one of them. Check out this uncensored look at his beefs, music and how he manages the mania.

Mickey Factz has seen an dramatic uptick that defies most rappers, especially in a Covid-19 environment. The Bronx native found himself embroiled in a conundrum with friend Lupe Fiasco, Royce da 5 9, RJ Payne, and Ransom. The situation caused shockwaves in the underground after he released the stunning diss track “Wraith,” following Lupe’s “Steve Jobs.” The catalyst was Royce’s “Silence Of The Lambda (Lupe Fiasco diss),” a beautifully surgical presentation that lit an inferno.

The songs effectively ruined a blossoming relationship between genius-level emcees, something the fans will ultimately lose out on.  For Mickey, his boulder start rolling downward and then came to Drink Champs interview, which resulted in a conflict with Wu-Tang of Affiliates like Shyheim and Sunz of Man. With both situations in the rearview, Mickey Factz is left with his current reality and some questions.

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First of all, he’s peaced-up with all figures all folks affiliated with Wu-Tang and Royce has recently declared he’s not responding to “Wraith” or “Steve Jobs” for that matter. He dropped a new EP called The Narrative with Blu and Nottz and is working on a new project slated for later in the year. While there’s no “beef” per se, is there the possibility of fixing things with Royce? What is the present relationship with Lupe Fiasco? How did RJ Payne and Ransom feel about being weaponized in the rap battle with their comrade Royce? On top of that, Mickey – a veteran rapper – is now a family man with a son. How does he manage to balance the rough-n-tumble worlds of rap with his familial efforts?

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur speaks to Mickey Factz about everything in his orbit in this exclusive conversation, which marks the last time he will talk about the Royce Da 5’ 9” conflict. However, this interview is more than “beef,” as Mickey discusses his life as an emcee, creative and the stunning process he employs to create the lyrical magic. The recent past has been a roller coaster, but Hip-Hop is better with Mickey Factz in it.