Mixtape Review: Jon Famous’ “Economy Class”


Rating: 8/10

Young, talented producers have always been a staple in Hip-Hop. With the recent rise of artists who also produce and vice versa, there is definitely a lane for 21-year-old rapper/producer, Jon Famous.

The Northern California spitter has laced tracks for OG’s in the game like Too $hort, Jim Jones, and Lil’ Wayne, as well as produced heavy hitters for new schoolers Wale, Tyga, Lil B, and Yung LA. On his latest mixtape, Economy Class, Jon Famous serves up new listeners a heap of fresh sounds, with catchy lyrics and an impressive flow.


Famous proves to be in complete command of his beats on Economy Class. Being his own producer has given him the comfort to switch up his flows with ease over the intense beats.  On the title track, Famous flows with a vibe that matches the concept of his song with a cool, smooth feel, as he talks about getting through this Economy Class flight, looking through the window with his seat back as the wheels go up. The young artist represents striving to fulfill his dreams with a transition to first class, as he sips a drink through his flight in coach.

To The Light” shows a deeper aspect of Famous. He tells a story over a slower tempo beat, a reflective track about finding the light through the darkness of struggle. “YBRF” featuring Noah is for you – the young, Black, rich and Famous. It seems the heavy drums could be for a track about slangin’ birds and bustin’ macs. At any rate, Famous chooses this beat for the “alive and out of jail at 25” anthem! Although this might be more effective as a “Headbussa” beat, the choice to send a positive message is honorable.

The bulk of tracks on Economy Class are high energy and refreshing. “Throw It Up” featuring Kacey could be your favorite song in the strip club. Play this for one of those nights you won’t remember, but the song is worth getting the party started! “Fukin Wit It” shows Famous in fun and witty mood, drawing from his Bay Area influence. “The Fresh” is one of the crispest, cleanest beats on the tape. On it he welcomes his new fans to The Fresh Execs, as his crew dreams their way to success (“I been waitin’ on my harvest like its Farmville/ Like we been waitin’ on a new record from Lauryn Hill.”)

In My Zone” is a serious slapper for any car or club. This track is sonically pleasing, with an infectious beat sure to turn any meeting into a party. All the sounds on this track gel together and Famous makes good use it with various flow styles. “Schwarzenegger” and “Stand Up Guy” are both full of catchy riffs, leaving space for him to ride the beats pretty crazy.  Keen listeners can pick up on Famous’ lyrical influences from the East Coast and the South, but the artist has definitely mastered his own sound. Famous maintains an impressive California swag without being too gimmicky or outlandish.

Jon Famous gives us Economy Class from the mind of a talented musical chef. Rapper slash producer from Sacramento, California proves his uniqueness he incorporates his high energy style onto refreshing beats. This project is the next step in a good direction for Famous. We’ll likely be seeing more hits from the talented young man and some of today’s biggest names.

Download Economy Class and check Jon Famous out on Twitter (@iamJONFAMOUS).