Monica Jets Is The Definition Of A Boss

Monica is empowering women to create and maintain control of their content while taking control of their lives and setting the course for financial security.

Photo credit: Josue Castillo (@Josscast)

(AllHipHop Features) New Orleans native Monica Jets has experienced her fair share of adversity. From battling a childhood riddled with adversities that would inevitably leave a young Monica alone, fending for herself and fighting to survive, sometimes going for weeks at a time with no food, no lights, and directly in the path of harm’s way. 

In an instant, things took a turn for the worst and in the blink-of-an-eye, the unthinkable happened, forever shattering Monica’s innocence and stripping her of innocent adolescence. Monica would become the victim of predatory incestuous sexual abuse and left to deal with the pains of the abuse on her own. Monica’s life was far from being a crystal stair and as life kept moving, each chapter presented challenges that tested Monica’s resilience, her faith, and her will to survive.

At the age of 54 Monica’s dad passed away, and though she was able to dig deep down in the core of her soul to find forgiveness, there were still so many conversations that she needed to have with her father that would never see the light of day. Still, nothing could have prepared her for the life-altering events that would abruptly turn her world upside down and set her destiny on a new course. In 2005 over 15 million people in New Orleans were affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, one of the top 5 deadliest hurricanes in American history. Under a national state of emergency, a mandatory evacuation uprooted Monica from a life that she had come to know and had her taking refuge in Houston, Texas. It is here that a new chapter was unfolding, and her life was unexpectedly writing a new story.

With nothing more than a $300 FEMA voucher Monica decided to make the best of the absolute worst situation, go for it, and never look back. 

Alone in Houston and unable to locate any family for months at a time, a mother in prison with whom she’d lost all contact with due to the prison being flooded and inmates being moved about like worthless cargo. Being in Houston would prove to be a blessing, but it was not without its own challenges. As Monica began to immerse herself in this new city and a new chapter, she found herself spending time between Houston and New Orleans. And in the process of life just happening as it does, Monica soon found out that she was pregnant and would now be a single mother raising a child in a new city, still figuring out life.

Realizing that Houston was now home, and with money being scarce, Monica began dancing and, much to her surprise, she became one of the highest-paid exotic dancers in Houston. Monica’s newfound success would ignite an entrepreneurial spark that took her talents to global heights as she traveled around the world performing in Dubai, Paris, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, the exotic dance capital of the world. In a move to expand her business portfolio and explore other professional territories, Monica purchased a strip club in 2009; however, the concept wasn’t profitable. Not being one to shy away from a challenge, Monica then set her sights on Houston’s thriving real estate market. This measure turned out to be a very lucrative investment that not only allowed Monica to become a full-fledged real estate mogul but also gave her the space to enjoy her love for designing and building custom homes.

In the literal blink-of-an-eye Monica’s various business exploits had the New Orleans native visiting more than 75 countries. And, with work taking her all around the world, Monica developed a passion for traveling translated into a successful travel agency that was privy to host and sell over a million dollars in luxury Vacation properties. This was also Monica’s incursion into social media influencing, and coincidentally where she became Monica Jets via her spontaneous adventures abroad and created a very loyal following on social media. 

Seeing the positive responses from so many women who admired Monica and looked up to her as role modeling trendsetter, MJ decided to launch MJets Management. Monica’s agency empowers women to create and maintain control of their content while taking control of their lives and setting the course for financial security. And, right by her side is her beautiful mother celebrating ten years of sobriety and working in tandem within Monica’s many businesses.

Monica has culminated a flourishing social media powerhouse agency that represents some of the most notable influencers on Instagram, with a multi-million dollar backdrop that boasts a combined network of over 150 million followers that continues to expand rapidly. With a new reality show in the works, her mom 10 years sober, a new YouTube channel, and a podcast backed by one of the most successful music executives in the world on the horizon, Jets is unapologetically going full throttle and has no plans of turning down the volume anytime soon.

“Dream big, then Dream again, but bigger the 2nd time around, so you don’t regret how small you dreamed the first time,” said Jets.