More Kids? 50 Cent Talks The Slow Pursuit Of A Normal Life


50 Cent's 13-Year Old Son Marquise Opening Online Sneaker Store

“A normal life? Wow.”

At this point, it is utterly impossible for 50 Cent to live anything resembling a traditional existence. Such thoughts nearly render him speechless.

He’s seen it all, been through it all, including assassination attempts, countless rap beefs, millions of records sold, celebrity girlfriends, while amassing wealth beyond most people’s imaginations.

Eventually, the 37-year-old father continues, pondering.

“I guess I’m not normal,” he explained to “I do look forward to having more kids. I’d like to have a little more normalcy. You can’t ask for it. It’s a Catch 22. If you aim for the normalcy of a walk in the mall, and look at things, and buy the things that you can buy. I can buy anything in the mall, I just can’t go to the mall.”

Right now, 50 Cent is the father of one 14-year-0ld son, Marquise.

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50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, has had his roller coaster of a life told largely through a myriad of entertainment outlets, whether they are movies, music, or media.
But, he admits that he’s rarely opened up to his audience during the course his career. “My Life,” his latest hit record is an anomaly. The song features Eminem and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and touts 50 Cent, showing inner parts that Alpha males rarely put on display.

“I haven’t been this f*cking confused since I was a kid/
Sold like 40 million records, people forgot what I did/
Maybe this is for me, maybe/
Maybe I’m supposed to go crazy/
Maybe I’ll do it 3 AM in the morning like Shady…

He expounds on the song and the meaning:

“What I hadn’t done a lot was show vulnerability on the actual record. I was successful when I did it on “Hate It Or Love It” (a collaborative effort with The Game). I talked about confusion,” he told “For an artist, confusion can be the most vulnerable state. I expressed it on that song, and I wasn’t sure if they wanted to hear that from me, so I put it on Game’s album. I stuck to what I knew on my personal projects.”

50 Centsaid that it took some time for the record to come to life, even as it tops the charts on iTunes. It was as if the stars aligned, literally.

“When you get to the point of creating this actual record with My Life“, I was a fan of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. He heard me. And he never forgot it. I was trying to do something different,” 50 said. “And, he sings at a higher octave than any other male singer out there. So, I got him to do that and I went to Detroit and got Em to do his vocals.

“What might be a surprise to you is this record was recorded almost two years ago. Recorded almost 70 records for this actual album and, this being my final album [under his current contract] with Interscope, we were in the auditing phase.”

The winds of change have been ruffling America quite a bit these days. Perhaps 50 isn’t so different. But, like many, he shares a certain optimism that comes out only in times of turmoil and insurrection.

“It feels good when you put a record out and it’s Number 1 in 12 hours. It’s a clear indication that the public is still interested in it” – something that naysayers like new rival French Montana may counter. “They want it because they are buying it. A lot of songs are up for weeks before they start buying it; it’s already set at radio. But this was the first time they heard the record.”

“My Life” is the lead single from 50’s fifth album, Street King Immortal, which is slated for a February 26, 2013, release date.